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Xone K2: portable RekordBox mapping

Description and Instructions


Since I had one of these units & tend to travel a lot, I went with a portable mapping for this Xone: K2.

I'm not exactly sure yet how to route the audio since there are not many options, still have to hook it up to a setup & give it a shot. If any of you have a few ideas about this, feel free to drop it :)

I'm using the Rekordbox autogain-function (implemented in each deck) - Tempo is adjustable with the channel faders. RekordBox MIDI doesn't allow rotary-buttons to the gain or tempo. Maybe this will be an option in the future where there will be more MIDI-options at disposal.

This is somehow a first draft, been playing around with it and it does feel quite convenient, any ideas?

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Comments for v5.5.0
Ismael Lora about 1 month ago
Hello! I don't know how to work with my K2, maybe you can send manual? thanks