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Pioneer DDJ-SR for Traktor 3 (with all LEDs & Mixer FX)

Description and Instructions

Hi guys, it's Kaan Pinar.

I just finished a mapping depends on my workflow. Actually i'm not a 4-decks type of dj but maybe you are :)
So, I tried my best with the buttons and slides we have, whenever you have another idea pls just dm me on my instagram (@kaanpinarmusic).
The pads have no tasks except hotcues, so i'm planning to extend the capabilities of this device with sampler etc. in the future.

*I took the loopsize leds mappings from a place which I don't remember. Hey hero, if you read it & want me to give credit, please dm me on instagram.
      *Tested on Traktor Pro 3 but hope it will work with older versions either.



Please just press the buttons, turn the knobs and move the sliders. When you open the program & turn on the controller, device doesn't send signal about where these buttons left at. (like "hey traktor, this little knob were left at 9 o'clock, please move the parameter to the necessary field)
Press the loopsize (1/2X & 2X) buttons to get lights lit.

*** Each of Hot Cue, Roll, Slicer buttons gives different tasks to Parameter buttons. 
*** Sampler button does nothing (maybe will, in the future).
*** Back button activates Auto Tempo Master mode, Prepare button sets the metronome as Tempo Master.
*** Shift + back & prepare buttons are changing the layout.
*** Shift + Tap/Hold (above the pad plus button) do the manual tempo tapping.
*** Please just let the jogs in the vinyl mode.
*** Shift + 1/2 Buttons (at the left upper corner, by the FX Section 1) is about Snap & Quantize feature. Shift + 1 activates/deactivates Snap, 2 does the same for Quantize.
*** I have mapped only 2 FX Units because of my style but in the future, I can update as 4 FX Units (I'd be disabling snap & quantize buttons so you would use your computer for this)


* We have the big knob to browse the lists. If you want to move around the left panel, just use shift key + browse knob.
* Load buttons loads the track into the deck you want, shift + load button unloads.


* Cue, Play buttons are just working the way they should do.
* Shift + Cue plays the song in CUP mode.
* Shift + Play plays the song in reverse mode, until you push them again.
* Cue button will be lit until you start the song with cue button then press play button.
* Slip button activates/deactivates FLUX mode.
* Keylock button activates/deactivates Keylock.
* Shift + Keylock sets the decks as tempo master.
* Shift + Jog Turn is working like search button on CDJs, seeking the song.
* FX Assign buttons sends your signals to the FX Unit 1 or 2 or both.
* Sync button syncs the deck to the Tempo Master. Pressing again will stop the syncing.

  2.1 - Looping Features

  * Auto Loop button activates/deactivates Auto Loop. But sometimes it doesn't exit loop this way, you can use Shift + Auto Loop to exit the loop safely.
  * To set a manual loop use Shift + 1/2X and Shift + 2X buttons.
  * If you want to move the loop you already in, press the roll button first & then use parameter buttons to move as the size of the loop.
  * To use looping in FLUX Mode, you have to hold the Auto Loop until you want to exit.

  2.2 - Beatjump Features

  * First, press Hot Cue button. Use 1/2X & 2X buttons to set the jump size and then use parameter buttons to beatjump to the back & forth.

  2.3 - Hot Cue Features

  * To set a Hot Cue, press Hot Cue button first. Then use the performance pads. When you set hot cue, related button will be lit.
  * To delete a Hot Cue, use Shift + Performance Pad.


* Mixer knobs doing what it promises
* CUE buttons are enabling monitor cue feature.
* Press the Tap/Hold button above the pad plus button to activate/deactivate filter (or Mixer FX on Traktor 3). [Sorry because we have no light indicator of this, just check on the screen. I tried to light up the pad plus button but couldn't work it. If you can, please share the tutorial with me]
* To change Mixer FX; press the Slicer button first, then use Parameter buttons. (Left button light turns off at the first FX & the right button light turns off at the end of the list. It's not possible to indicate FXes on the controller but this turning-off lights way can help us to count them.)
* Sampler Volume knob controls your Master Gain.
* To reverse the crossfader; open controller settings on Traktor and find the parameter POSITION and click it. You'll see invert option below, check the box and voila.

4 - FX Sections

* Shift + Tap switches between Single and Group FX Mode.

  4.1 - Single FX Mode

  * Tap button turns the FX Unit on.
  * Beats knob adjusts Dry/Wet signal balance.
  * 1st, 2nd & 3rd knobs, controls parameters.
  * The buttons under these knobs, controls the parameters which shown at Traktor's FX Unit sections (Delay freeze, reset gater blabla).
  * Shift + ON button (which is underneath the FX Knob 1) changes the FX.

  4.2 - Group FX Mode

  * Beats knob adjusts Dry/Wet Balance.
  * Tap button does nothing in this mode.
  * On buttons switch the FXes on.
  * Knobs adjust the FX's parameters.
  * Shift + On changes the FX.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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