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Reloop Mixtour Worxs, Mixer Effects, Tempo Control - TP3.2

Description and Instructions

Reloop Mixtour, The Worxs TP3.2

2 Deck + Mixer Effects + Tempo Control + FX Presets

New: Loop functionality. Flux Loop and Flux Loop rolls are now possible. To set a loop, make sure your loop value is right as this will be set. With Flux enable hold down the loop button then press shift and then the sync button to shorten the loop. When you release the loop button the playhead will jump to where it would have been if you had not pressed loop. The Shift loop and beat jump buttons have been reversed to allow the above functionality to work. Also some other buttons have been moved.

A  updated mapping for the Reloop Mixtour, it is a comprehensive mapping.  This Mapping is compatible with Traktor Pro 3.2 

Make sure you have got you current environment secured before you load your download TSI file. In particular save your current TSI file using the “EXPORT” function of TP. Use the import TSI function (big Import button) in the preferences/controller-manager menu of TP and import the following options: 

  • Effect settings 

Here is the FX settings file link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3h4fv86c8ydfuwq/Settings.tsi?dl=0

Import two times as (I heard) this might be necessary to really inherit certain FX settings. 

Now import using the add button on the controller menu and import the reloopmixtourworx.TSI

Double check all preferences after this to make sure everything meets your needs.

Let go to it:

This is for Deck A, Deck B is a mirror image. 

T - Mode:

Loop =  Loop at current value

Shift + Loop = Loop size - Double

Hold T + Loop = Loop Active

Sync = Sync

Shift + Sync = Loop size + Half

Hold T + Sync = Master

FX on + Sync = FX unit 1, button 1


Cue = Cue

Shift + Cue = Beat Jump/ Loop Move - Loop size Forward

Hold T + Cue = Key Lock

FX on + Cue = FX unit 1, button 2

Play = Play

Shift + Play = Beat Jump/ Loop Move - Loop size Backwards

Hold T + Play = Begining of song

FX on + Play + Shift = FX Unit 1, Button 3

Hold Shift + T = Echo Out Toggle

C - Mode: 

Hot Cue 1 = Hot Cue 1

Shift Plus Hot Cue 1 = Hot Cue 1 Delete

Hot Cue 2 = Hot Cue 2

Shift Plus Hot Cue 2 = Hot Cue 2 Delete

Hot Cue 3 = Hot Cue 3

Shift Plus Hot Cue 3 = Hot Cue 3 Delete

Hot Cue 4 = Hot Cue 4

Shift Plus Hot Cue 4 = Hot Cue 4 Delete

Hold C + Hot Cue 1 = Tempo - (small)

Hold C + Hot Cue 2 = Tempo + (small)

Hold C + Hot Cue 3 = Tempo Bend - 

Hold C + Hot Cue 4 = Tempo Bend +


All the effects are transition effects apart from the Beat masher, so they generally lower the volume and take the track into the back ground by just turning the dry wet up. In my set up they are post fader. 

Gain + FX Off = Gain

Shift  + Gain = Fliter Effects: Filter 

FX on & Gain = FX Unit 1, Dry Wet

FX on & Shift + Gain = Beat Masher + Filter + Reverb

High = High

FX on + High + Shift = Fx Preset Beat Masher / Forment Filter / Reverb

FX on + High = Fx Unit 1: Knob 1

High + Shift = Mixer Effect Slot 1

Mid = Mid

Mid + Shift = Mixer Effect Slot 2

FX on + Mid + Shift = Fx Preset Delay T3

FX on + Mid = Fx Unit 1: Knob 2

Low = Low

Low + Shift = Mixer Effect Slot 3

FX on + Low + Shift = Fx Preset Filter 92 

FX on + Low = Fx Unit 1: Knob 3

Filters, FX Mode + Trax 

To use the echo out feature you need 4 fx decks engaged not 2.

Shift = Shift

FX = Mixer Effects On /Off.

Shift + FX = FX Mode On, Wet Dry Goes 0, Deck A FX1 on.

Please Note: When the Fx is deactivated it turns wet dry to 0 and turn FX1 off.

Filter = Mixer Effects Amount

Cue Volume = Cue Volume

Cue/Mix = Cue/Mix

Cue/Mix when echo out is engaged = FX4 Dry Wet + Knob 3

Load = Loads Track into Deck A + Turns Sync Off + Turns FX4 Off.

Load + Shift = Flux Mode Toggle

Load Buttons now indicate whether flux mode is activated.

Cue Monitor = Cue Monitor A

Cue Monitor + Shift = Loads track into preview player and plays it. (On Deck B Fast forwards through the preview player).

Trax Encoder Rotate = scroll through list

Shift + Encoder Rotate = Scroll through tree

Push + Encoder Turn = Scroll through Favourites

Hold T + Encoder Turn = scrub through Track

Hold C + Encoder Turn = Change Tempo

Push Encoder = return to decks view

Hold C + Encoder Push = resets tempo + turns sync off


Up Fader = Volume A 

Shift + Up Fader to up = Volume A + Play A

Shift + Up Fader to down  = Volume A + A to Start of Song

Cross Fader with PFL switch = Cross Fader

Cross Fader with MST switch = Cross Fader


Back = Quantize

Shift + Back = Circling through layout views.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.5.0
marc chalosse 22 days ago
great mapping, thanks a lot !
jamus 15 days ago

Your welcome

Martin 22 days ago
Man, this mapping is great!
jamus 15 days ago