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Launchpad PRO v4.0.2 (minor edit)

Description and Instructions

tested with traktor scratch pro 2.11 and above. I use it to work with traktor pro 3 at the moment.

One really fine mapping for 4 decks, All the leds are functioning correctly to the selected function. The round buttons change color when an other deck is selected. press buttons: Session:(Deck A=Orange), Note: (B=blue), Device: (C=Purple), User:(D=Yellow)

The first four lines are dedicated to deck ABCD with HC, set cue to Load, set cue to grid-marker, Loop actif, sync on

The rest of the field can be set to Deck ABCD with the top four buttons on the right.
I tried to make a clear overview and hope that you like it.

Some things that are on this mapping:

with Track Select:

Browser mode, use arrows to browse

with shift:
master tempo up/down/bend

with delete:
delete hotcue
unload deck ABCD
remove grid marker


Quantise on/off

Snap on/off

With a deck selected the bottom half off the launchpad switches to that deck (ABCD)

Freeze on/off

Freeze size/number

Slice 1 t/m 16 deck ABCD


Loop /8 t/m 32

Backwards loop /8 t/m 32


Loop in, set loop cue size actif, set loop size, loop out


Append to preparation list


Set/delete grid marker / autogrid

Move grid left/right

Double: Zoom in track (with shift: Zoom out) 

Try it and you will love it!

a quick starter guide for when the lights are not working:

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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