4Decks Cue, Fx, Stem for Maschine MK2 - Full colour support

Description and Instructions

Fully coloured hotcues for all 4 decks, fully functional 4 Decks of Stem Decks
delete and map on the fly,
Transportsection (with flux mode),
Full support of 4 Effectunits,
easiest effect routing ever,
effects are available on every single page with full functions,

Have fun!!

sorry for my bad english.

PS.: The colouring did cost a really awfull lot of time, please comment for more improvments

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Comments for v4.9.2
blaqkongo 10 months ago
Hi Kreolis, had the same issue as Mike :/
Kreolis 10 months ago

i know there is the problem, i am working on a solution but it seems that it is not an easy one. Please be patient and wait a little. I have to learn for my exams, Can you try the older versions and tell me if there is the problem too?

Szymon 8 months ago

Hey i agree i have the same problem.

Mike about 1 year ago
I can't get the collors to work... :s
Kreolis about 1 year ago

thx for the response, i will check it as soon as possible

Kreolis about 1 year ago

at my end its working all right, if you want help with the set up, i can give you a private skype session, just contact me via email : info@kreolis.net