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DDJ-1000 4 Decks Mapping

Description and Instructions

Complete Pioneer DDJ-1000 for 4 chanels, effects, mixer effects (Traktor 3), hot cues, beat jumps, cdj mode and vinyl, crossfader channel selector, headphones knobs, etc etc.

If you have some doubt about how work some action ask me please
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v6.0.0
Fred GLDFNGR 4 months ago
Hi. Great work. Having some issues with lag on the jogs. How did you adjust the jog latency?
johnzark 5 months ago
Good morning, my friend, the colors pads they do not work ?
PeRiJeY 5 months ago

I believe Traktor don't have pads colors. I was exploring the Traktor 3 interfaces and I didn't found any option to change colors pad

Danny 5 months ago
what are the mixer settings you are using? because the VU meter of the ddj doesnt go down as my fader goes down.
PeRiJeY 5 months ago

The VU meters always (I believe) are PRE-fader, the input signal pass across the gain and EQs knobs and after this the signal is painted on the VU meter (more or less) I don't know if we can change this in Traktor settings

deejayrobby 5 months ago
Puoi fare un tutorial video.per spiegare le varie funzioni come usare cd slicer ecc . Hai fatto un ottimo lavoro sono disposto a pagare per avere una versione piĆ¹ completa
PeRiJeY 5 months ago

I can't do videos sorry, it is not my best competence hahaha