Vestax PadOne Fakealized

Description and Instructions

This mapping for the PadOne somewhat mimics the Deckalized mapping minus the transport controls (only 12 pads vs the 16 buttons on the MidiFighter). All the mappings are for the focused deck so you will need to use another method to select deck focus (I use my Hercules RMX for transport, mixing, and focus). The PadOne does have 4 banks, so someone more enterprising could setup one bank for each deck if he/she were so inclined.
  • 8 buttons for hotcue set/play
  • shift + any of the hotcue buttons to delete the hotcue
  • FX unit 1&2 use the xy pad for wet/dry and amount
  • Gater/Overdrive on FX unit 1
  • Delay/Reverb on FX unit 2
  • Hitting 'loop' starts recording and enables an 8 count loop and turns the hotcue buttons into Beatslicer preset buttons
  • shift + loop exits the loop and puts it back into hotcue mode

I'm sure there are bugs to the mapping as I'm pretty new at this but it seems to work ok.
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