TP3 - FX Mashup

Description and Instructions

*Open NI controller editor - import template and load.
*Import and Load Traktor FX Settings TSI
*Enable midi mode in F1 Preferences within traktor.
*Open controller manager and import four TSI files and select input and outputs to the F1.
*Hold shift and Brorse to activate.

Warning Please Save Your Exsisting FX Settings Before Loading as this will overwrite them, But the settings will need to be loaded for my mapping to work correctly.

I recomend using the spare Overlay which should be in the original F1 retail Box.

White Shift Button - Change From Decks A/B to C/D

Mixer Filter FX

Quite simple left side will be decks A/C and right is C/D. The pads layout is Vertical and Dim in colour and bright when selected. The Filter Knobs are the 2nd and 4th knobs and are Highlighted on the overlay.

Pad 1 - Slot 1 Red
Pad 2 - Slot 2 Green
Pad 3 - Slot 3 Blue
Pad 4 - Slot 4 Yellow
Pad 5 - Slot 5 Orange (Normal Filter selector, Small Pad Button)

Flux Reverse

Fader 2 - Deck A/C flux reverse
Fader 4 - Deck B/D flux reverse

move the fader to the top to put into reverse and the deck will auto zoom out so you have a better view of when to bring the fader down to drop it back to normal.

Fx Units 3/4

Fader 1 - FX unit 3 ON and FX unit Knobs 1-3
Knob 1 - FX unit 3 Dry/Wet
Fader 3 - FX unit 4 0N and FX unit Knobs 1-3
Knob 3 - FX unit 4 Dry/Wet

FX Unit Preset selector Buttons - there are two vertical rows of dark blue pads, the left side is unit 3 and right side unit 4, When selected the Pad will light up in a different colour for each effect.

Changing FX Page from 1-4 - Small Orange Button under the row of FX selector Buttons (This Button will Flash when FX Unit is Active) Fx Page Number Displayed on the F1 when Changing pages.

SYNC Button - Insert/Postfader Selector  changes Unit 3 & 4 From Insert (light off) to Postfader(Light on)

Reverse Button - FX unit 3 ON Deck A (When On the Light will turn on and the F1 will display the number 3 (On Deck Shift it will Display 03 for Deck C)

Size Button - FX unit 4 ON Deck B (When On the Light will turn on and the F1 will display the number 4 (On Deck Shift it will Display 04 for Deck D)

Hold the type button and push reverse button and it Will turn on Fx Unit 4 on Deck A when Holding Type Button and Size Button it will turn on FX 3 on Deck B.

Quant Button - Swap FX Unit 3 (Changes the selected FX to Different FX)

Capture Button - Swap FX Unit 4 (Changes the selected FX to Different FX)

Group and Single FX are all combined into a Quick one fader with one knob for Dry/Wet, Some Fx have Auto Dry/wet like the Beatmasher2 fx & Mixout Fx.

Fx Presets Page 1

Pad 1 - Delay - Phaser Flux - Reverb (Energy Build Up)
Swap - Delay - Flanger Flux - Reverb (Energy Build Up)

Pad 2 - Filter LFO - Filter 92 LFO - Delay T3 (Spacey)
Swap - Stretch fast - Filter 92 LFO - Delay (Trippy)

Pad 3 - Peak Filter - Reverb T3 - Delay T3 (Epic Build Up)
Swap - Peak Filter - Digital LoFi - Delay T3 (Dirty Build Up)

Pad 4 - Reverb T3 - Digital LoFi - Eventhorizon (Clean Energy)
Swap - Reverb T3 - Digital LoFi - Granuphase (Gritty Energy)

Fx Presets Page 2

Pad 1 - Delay (Hold Pad to Freeze)
Swap - Tape Delay (Auto Freeze)

Pad 2 - Delay T3 (Hold Pad to Freeze)
Swap - Ramp Delay (Hold to Freeze)

Pad 3 - Beatmasher2 - Transpose Stretch - Reverb (Hold Pad to Cut Out The Beats with a reverb Tail)
Swap - Beatmasher2 - Ringmodulator - Delay T3 (Bring Fader down to get some delay Tail, or Hold Pad and bring the Fader down for some gritty beats)

Pad 4 - Beatmasher2 - Turntable Fx - Stretchfast (Bring the Fader up to the top for Auto turntable stop, Also try pressing the pad on the turntable stop and moving the fader up and down to the half way mark a few times for a funky break then bring it all the way down to drop the track back in)
Swap - Beatmasher2 - Turntable Fx - Delay (Hold the pad on the turntable stop to give it some delay)

Fx Presets Page 3

Pad 1 - Gater (hold Pad to turn on shape button)
Swap - Beatslicer

Pad 2 - Filter92 LFO (Hold Pad to turn on Res button)
Swap - Filter LFO (Hold Pad to turn on Res Button)

Pad 3 - Reverb (Hold Pad to Freeze)
Swap - Reverb T3 (Hold Pad To Freeze)

Pad 4 - Ditgital LoFi
Swap - Ringmodulator

Fx Presets Page 4

Mixout/Fadeout FX - Dry/Wet is combined into The Fader, Bring the fader to the half way mark and the Dry/Wet will continue on fine until fully on (Only works on the half way mark)  Then take the fader up once Dry/wet is fully on for a cleaner Fade out.

Pad 1 - Peak Filter - Reverb - Filter
Swap - Peak Filter - Flanger Flux - Filter

Pad 2 - Reverb - Formant Filter - Filter
Swap - Reverb - Flighttest - Filter

Pad 3 - Wormhole - Filter92 LFO - Filter
Swap - Wormhole - Phaser Flux - Filter

Pad 4 - Beatmasher2 - Reverb - Filter (Grab a Mini Loop and get your next track ready for after you mixout the mini loop, its just a time saver FX)
Swap - Reversegrain - Ramp Delay - Filter (Quick instant Mixout)

Master/Auto - TEMPO

Browse Button - When the Blue Light is Dim it is on Master and when it is Bright it is on Auto

Encoder - Adjust Tempo when on Master

Segment Display - This will Display The Tempo eg. 125 = 25 eg. 104 = 04

Encoder Button - Layout Selector

Note:- every time closing traktor with this mapping if you push the Type Button with the decks stopped it will set all modifiers to 0 and it will load up perfect everytime.
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