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Gemini Mix2Go mapping for Djay

Description and Instructions

This is just a bare-bones basic mapping for use in Algoriddim’s Djay, similar to what a stock factory midi mapping would be like.

———— CHANGES SO FAR ——————————————

  • All buttons, sliders, and pads are mapped as labeled on MIDI controller.

  • All LED indicator lights mapped appropriately on MIDI controller.


Tested and working on :

  • Djay Pro for Mac OS
  • Djay 2 for iOS
  • Djay Pro for iOS
  • The NEW Djay for iOS

I tried Djay 2 for Android but comparability varies from device to device so your mileage may vary on Android.

NOTE: To use this and other mappings on the iOS version of Djay follow these steps.

  • Step 1. Download a mapping for Djay from djtechtools.com
  • Step 2. Open iTunes
  • Step 3. Connect your iPad/iPhone
  • Step 4. Click on your iOS device's Tab (located below the "Account" menu tab)
  • Step 5. In the sidebar select "File Sharing"
  • Step 6. Select "djay 2" or " djay Pro" under the "apps" window
  • Step 7. Click the "Add File" button and in the next window locate the Midi map file you downloaded.
  • Step 8. Open up Djay on your iOS device
  • Step 9. Plug in your controller (using an Apple Camera Connection Kit or the cable supplied with your controller)
  • Step 10. Enjoy Mixing!
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
DJ Techtools 6 months ago
Now added "Gemini Mix2Go" as a new controller category. Thanks for sharing your work!