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Traktor Pro 3 - New Mixer FX mapped on deck C/D (Jherome DeGuzman edit)

Description and Instructions

All credit goes to DJ Flac's mapping. All I did was modify his mapping to match the Kontrol S4 MK3 colors and button mapping.

1 = Red 
2 = Green 
3 = Blue 
4 = Warm Yellow 
Flux = Orange (acting as default Filter) 

Clarity on how to use once loaded... 
1. Press Deck C or D button (C ties to A and D ties to B)  
2. Press the corresponding Mixer FX you have assigned in slots 1 thru 4 or default filter  
3. Turn the filter knob on the Z2 to hear the output.  

Information below from DJ Flac's original post.
"This is my custom mapping for Traktor Z2. It allows to use new mixer FX of Traktor Pro 3.Just push on deck C or D button.==> Select your favorite mixer FX with buttons 1/2/3/4/Flux.Check out my new music brand on Insta ==> www.instagram.com/dabam_official/"
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Comments for v0.1.0
vilen 5 months ago
If you also add key +1/-1 on for example SHIFT + RED/GREEN Z2 will be best battle mixer!
vilen 5 months ago
beautiful! THNX a lot!
Jherome 3 months ago

Your welcome