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Added Play/Pause function. (Francis D edit)

Description and Instructions

I just added some functional stuff. With these settings, you have the ability to use it as a controller deck. Without the mixer section of course. perfect for having a bit more control over secondary decks. Like keeping decks 1 & 2 as main decks on the main controller, using the XP1 to have control over decks 3 & 4. Having the ability to Pause my track at a certain point allows me to have a bit of a scratch with it, without the need of making it a hot cue, loop or sample. it's also my preferred tool to do mash-ups. 
Most functions remain the same. Some are relocated. I mainly tried to use unused shift controls, but some of them needed to be reassigned. So here are the changes in MIDI mapping.

Quantize  =  Play/Pause

Shift + Quantise  =  Quantise On/Off  (Mainly set to On anyway)  
Shift + Master Tempo  =  Master deck assignment (Use to be Shift + Beat Sync, but I didn't like it)

Shift + Beat Sync  =  Tempo Reset

Shift + Slip Reverse  =  Pitch Bend Up

Shift + Silent Cue  =  Pitch Bend Down

Bonus (somewhat)
Shift + Rotary  =  Sampler BPM Sync On/Off  

Hope you enjoy.
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