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Xone k1 kontrol 4 decks 4 fx single mode

Description and Instructions

This is my personal mapping for xone k1 for traktor pro 2 (done in traktor 2.11) kinda look like a traktor kontrol x1.
Note that I made it thinking in using 4 decks and 4 fx in single mode (you'll see).

From left to right are control decks a-b-c-d

From up to down:

First encoders work as loop length and the toggle button of encoder is the loop set. (if shift is pressed it works as load track)

Knobs work as fx parameter control being the first row the first parameter, the second= second parameter, and third row of knobs = third parameters
Button 1 row (from up to down) = fx on/off
Button 2 row= button 2 in fx (for example in a delay t3 this would be the freeze)
Button 3 row= button 3 in fx (for example in a delay t3 this would be the rate button)
Faders= dry/wet signal for the fx.

Buttons ABCD work as pitch bending forward (when shift pressed is increasing tempo)
Buttons EFGH work as pitch bedning backwards (when shift pressed is decreasing tempo)
Buttons IJKL Work as cueplay button (when shift pressed works as deck master setting)
Buttons MNOP work as play (when shift pressed works as sync button)

Shift= shift that enables the right papper functions (see picture above) (S=Sync, M=Master, - = decreasing tempo, + = increasing tempo and load function on the encoders) MUST BE KEPT PRESSED TO WORK.

Down encoders work as browsers
Left encoder browses inside the folder, the toggle activates/deactivate browse mode
Right encoderĀ  changes folders, the toggle open or close folders

This mapping hasn't been tested on xone k2, don't know how would it work since shift button in xone k2 is for latching layers.
If you try it, let me know if it works propperly the shift function button.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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