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Novation Twitch for Traktor Pro 3 [pj.weber]

Description and Instructions

Updated version of my previous map [Novation Twitch for Traktor pro 2.7].
I suggest to you mapping, which is considered convenient for themselves. 
In the archive there is a file mapping, as well as an image overlay TraktorPro 3 program.
Added new features of the third version of the TraktorPro: Mixer FX, Reverse.
Included and corrected errors from the previous version.
A, B - Track deck.
C, D - Remix deck.
Please, import mapping file use big IMPORT button!

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.1
Matias Mughetto about 1 month ago
Hi PJWeber! Do you have any instructions or a tutorial for this version ? Thank you for uploading this!!!!
max 3 months ago
Hi! Could you re-upload your mapping? Seems that the .rar-folder is empty and the "unzipped-link" broken.. Thanks a lot!!
pjweber 3 months ago

Buddy, try again!

max 3 months ago

I already tried it a couple of times.. the rar-archive doesn't show any content, while the rar-archive of your mapping for traktor pro 2.7 does show the expected content..

Ben 7 months ago
Hi… The folder are so "light" (702K) and impossible to unzip… Could you solve the problem ? Thanks Ben
pjweber 7 months ago

Hi Ben. This is a RAR archive. The size corresponds to reality! Try to unpack again. Good luck!

Steven Samaripa 7 months ago
I can't seem to get it to work on v3.0.1.14... any advice?
pjweber 7 months ago

Please follow the enclosed instructions. In the preferences window, in the controller manager section, import the file with the BIG button at the bottom left. It is possible to repeat the import file repeatedly.

akram 8 months ago
cant unzip...plz help