MC6000 Preparation Tool 0.2

Description and Instructions

Hi, i rewrite Ean's Prep Tool in new tsi for my MC6000 Denon controller.

Some buttons are remapped, but functions are still the same.


Browser - browser min/max
Sample - snap on/off
Efx - quant on/off
Record - fullscreen on/off

Track knob - browser list navigation,
Track knob +shift - browser tree navigation,
Back/Fwd - favorites,
Load A - load track to deck A, close browser window,
Load A +shift - unload track from deck A,

Sync - load next track from playlist,
Cue - load track tempo to Master Clock, set Cue,
Cue +shift - back to beginning track,
Play - play deck A, Master Clock tick on,
Keylock - set grid marker (some tracks can't have grid marker - then <</>> is locked),
Keylock +shift - delete grid marker,

FX 1/2 - select jump grid/bpm movement (1 - precisely, 2 - roughly),
<< / >> - move grid marker (fx1/2 movement),
+/- Loop - change bpm (fx1/2 movement),
+/- Pitch Bend - advanced panel (selector move/cue/grid),
Autoloop - lock/unlock bpm change (bpm lock on/off),
Autoloop +shift - reset bpm,

Loop in - Master Clock Tick on/off (phones only),
Samp. - Cue 1-4 / Cue 5-8,
Cue 1-4 - set Cue 1-4 (orange),
Cue 1-4 +shift - delete Cue 1-4,
Sample 1-4 - set Cue 5-8 (green),
Sample 1-4 +shift - delete Cue 5-8,

Jog (turn) - track seek,
Jog (touch) - wavezoom track spectrum,
Shift - modifier,
Loop Out (Led) - beat phase blink,
Tempo slider - wavezoom adjust,

Mixer Chan 2 (gain, hi, mid, low, Cue ch2, Fader), for track listening.

I'm sorry for my poor English.
Greeting from Poland (Middle Europe).
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.2.0
rzambol over 4 years ago
Nobody uses this map? Give some comments, opinions. Maybe add something that will improve the functioning?
rzambol over 4 years ago
Nikt nie używa tej mapy? Dajcie jakiś komentarz, opinie. Może dodać coś co poprawi funkcjonowanie?