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Improved S5 mapping

Description and Instructions

Traktor Pro 3 mapping for NI Kontrol S5

The changes are :

- Flux button to enable/disable Loop Mode (Faster than Shift+Loop encoder push),
- Shift+Flux to enable/disable Flux Mode,
- Shift+Loop encoder turn moves an active loop one beat by one beat,
- Shift+Browse encoder turn for an 8 beats track seek (Dont forget to disable "auto open browser on touch"),
- Display buttons left [<] and right [>] for a one beat track seek,
- Shift+Filter to select a MixerFx on a deck,
- Master Tempo encoder push to reset to Filter all the decks.

How to install

Mac :

- Quit Traktor
- Navigate to /Applications/Native Instruments/Traktor Pro 3
- Right click Traktor, then click Show Package Contents
- Navigate to Contents/Resources/qml/CSI/S5
- Replace the 3 files by the ones in the attached zip (Channel.qml, Mixer.qml and S5Deck.qml)
- Start Traktor

Windows :

- Quit Traktor
- Navigate to C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Traktor Pro 3\Resources64\qml\CSI\S5
- Replace the 3 files by the ones in the attached zip (Channel.qmlMixer.qml and S5Deck.qml)
- Start Traktor

***Dont forget to make a copy of the qml folder before making any changes***

Il you want a new screen mod, take a look at the work of Kokernutz :

Download this sceen mod for Kontrol D2/S5/S8 & Trakto Pro 3 here : 
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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