Contour Traktor 2.6 - 2 deck + 2 remix deck

Description and Instructions

Hello Reloop Contour users!

This is my mapping for Traktor 2.6 which supports the following:

- FLUX mode
- New Macro Effects
- 1 custom combo effect
- Most Remix deck controls (still no MIDI support from NI to change sample slots )
- Fixed original mapping (e.g. hotcue delete)
+ little touches here & there

I use a Controller Edition, will work with the Interface Edition, but I removed the mixer settings, so no standalone mode for that.

Deck A & Deck B (Track decks):

- shift + a zoom in waveform
- shift + b zoom out waveform
- shift + c enables the following changes, this setting is a per deck basis, so you can switch modes separately :

  • on deck A: deck A pan knob changes deck B filter
  • on deck B: deck B filter knob changes deck A filter, pan knob changes Deck B filter
  • spinning the jog wheel while touching the center enables and modifies the custom combo effect, beatmasher + iceverb + reverb (If these effect are not currently selected, you will need to tap twice, so that changing to the effects and enabling works, sorry Traktor limitation
- shift + d FLUX mode on/off
- pressing FX ON in group mode will reverse all effects on/off state
- all effects are in alphabetical order, including the new Macro Effects (please, import effect settings too, or else custom combo effect will not work)
- shift + jog wheel turn will modify tempo in 0.01 steps
- turning the jog wheel without enabling any of the jog wheel modes (scratch, pitchbend etc.) will turn the grouped effects knobs, all three at the same time, great for the new Macro effects
- jog wheel search mode changes:
  • if touching the side, search will beatjump with the current loop length
  • if touching the center, beatjump will switch to 1 beats lengths[/li]

Deck C & Deck D (Remix decks):

- all deck controls are working: stop, cue play, play, setting master, sync
- shift + a will switch the sample play mode (play until pressed, or play to the end) after selecting a sample or samples with the fx on buttons
- shift + c will switch the sample from one-shot to looped or back after selecting a sample or samples with the fx on buttons
- after switching to hot cue 5-6:
  • hot cue buttons will light up to show if the fx is enabled on a slot, you can enable/disable effects with shift+hotcue
  • pressing the hotcue button while a sample is playing will stop it
  • pressing the hotcue button while sample is stopped will remove the sample
  • pressing the hotcue button if no sample is loaded will load the current sample from the browser
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.0
martinez about 5 years ago
This map is great but has problem: - when i touch jog without chose any mode: scratch , pitch... track on the deck will disappear and music stop. please remove this bug. take care Martinez
martinez about 5 years ago

This map is great ;] its was problem with cdj-850 midi control. ;] sorry

JAN over 5 years ago
nice Mapping, bring back the love to contour :D but i have other effects on the custom combo??