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Drew's S4MKII User Controller Maping

Description and Instructions

This is the most intuitive maping for the S4MKII in this list to date. It would be nice to get a like. Then I would feel better about giving it away.
Drew's S4MKII User Controller Maping (Builder)
This is the user maping, one that doesnt combat the default maping, with advanced controls:
Jog Wheel FX Mode(simply hold left or right shift for fx decks 1/2 or 3/4);;Basic deck controls for all deck modes for all decks;; Freeze mode for all decks with 8 or16 steps;; Sample Slot specific controls(i.e. filter and volume);; Browse Mode;; Quickly change preset effects for all 4 fx decks with a simple button combo. shift lock + fx deck buttons +  FX mode button to lock it in. This works in browse mode as well. The chosen effects can be easily programed by intermediate levels. Just look for the assignments set to the fx mode button with the m8 modifier. You can also edit the way the jog wheels work with the effects by looking for jog wheel assignments to the m4 modifier.

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Comments for v0.1.99
Nelson about 4 years ago
Your assignment list picture doesn't show up. What changes have you made on this map?
Drew about 4 years ago

No changes. I was just trying to figure out how to post the map. I had to make the zip folder to get the pdf in there, and it works fine for me when I download it.