Sl1d3Flo mapping for Novation Twitch (SHIFT-TOGGLE) v0.1.0

Description and Instructions

This is still a not finished mapping, but it has huge potential. It is 2 deck (Remix Decks control coming soon) and has lots of functions mapped. Almost every knob and button has alternative function (even the crossfader does) Shift button is dedicated and works in toggle mode (replaces deck switch buttons, HOT CUES button is SHIFT-HOLD) 3 of 4 performance modes and 4 of 5 FX modes are blank for now (Instant gratification mode, Slicer mode, RMX decks controls, Slicer mode (a-la ITCH) are coming shortly)
All in all, my idea was to make an ultimate mapping for Twitch for my gigs and mixes. As I really liked the layout of ITCH I even cut my Traktor overlay to satisfy my needs (the overlay itself is coming shortly). The motto is "Effects all the way!", so the mapping has flux mode, fader FX, FX switch per deck, multiFX control with a single knob, needle position on a touchstrip, loop size on a touchstrip (SHIFT) and much more!
If you're interested in the concept, give it a try and tell me what you think. I'll be working on it.
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