Description and Instructions

quick and dirty ableton live script for the dj techtools midifighter twister ;

1. load up the 'gtroll_twister_public.mfs' file via the twister utility app and dumb to your twister for the right config settings ;

2. place the ‘gtroll_twister' folder into ableton lives midi remotescripts ;

3. fire up your set ;

bank 1: device control(blue hand), device nav, track nav ;

bank 2: 4x3 cliplaunch grid, grid nav ;

bank 3: send A+B on track 1-8 ;

bank 4: volume+pan on track 1-8 ;

sidebuttons: bank select + sequencer mode ;

note1: there is unmapped encoders for custom midi assignments on bank1=8 and on bank2=16 ;

note2: open up for further custom edits of this script ;
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Comments for v0.1.0
Luty 2 months ago
Works on Ableton 10. Thank you! :-)
Ken 3 months ago
This script is simply perfect for my needs. I can’t believe no one has commented on this. Well done and thank you.