American Audio Contrelerist mapping (Daniel edit)

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Description and Instructions

Here are the main features for this VMS4 mapping review :
  1. Four deck with total control with three different layout for a total control (and you can switch A/C layout and B/D layout independantly from one another), 
  2. three different layouts with unique features : 3 different Led layout , 6 different Vumeter rendering (wether if the deck is on loop or not),
  3. JogFX (4settings at the moment),
  4. Beatslicer (midifghter reverse engeniered),
  5. Echofreeze efffect,
  6. Beatmasher (midifighter reverse engeniered),
  7. Traktor Decks Layout control (2 top deck and 2 bottom deck can be modified together),
  8. needle drop,
  9. 8 Cue points,
  10. Sample deck control (improved on the next version),
  11. dynamic loop control (moving loops+ moving size with pitch bend)
  12. ...
It's the fifth version I reworked, and as you can see, there's a huge amount of features.
Here's a complete manual  :
And a vid :
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Comments for v0.1.0
Stewe almost 3 years ago
Please let us know what changes are made in this edit.