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EnryDalo Traktor Total FX Control

Description and Instructions

My mapping is a full FX control of banks 1,2,3 in Traktor, using TouchOSC on a tablet.
The resolution of the tablet screen used is 1920x1200, you have to resize it using the editor for different screen resolutions.
The mapping consists of 3 screen:

Upper part:
You can control FX unit 1&2. FX unit 1 must be assigned to deckA and FX unit 2 to deck B.
You can select the effect for each of the three available bank, push ON to activate the effect.
FRZ = echo freeze effect.
GTR = gater (three different levels)
The dry/wet amount is not controlled by the mapping, in order to be controlled by another gear. I suggest to leave the dry/wet to 50-60% for FX unit 1&2.

Lower part:
This part control FX unit 3.
Push A or B to assign the FX to deck A or B respectively. Then, activate the effect by pushing.
Beatm = 4 different rates of the beatmasher 2 FX
TURNT = 4 different stops of the turntable FX (please remind to wait 8 bars before using this FX).

You have three different blocks here. First of all, you have to select A or B to assign the FX to deck A or B.
The first block is the DUBFIRE FX at 4 different rates.

Second block are five different buid ups, third block includes 5 different combos. 
You have to select A or B first to assign the FX to deck A or B. Then, you need to select one of the five FX. 
Push ON to activate the effect.

At the moment, this page includes only the control of the tempo range selector of the tempo fader. You can choose between four different values. I plan to introduce more controls in a future release.

The mapping consists of 3 files:
- ENRY Pad FX - FX1&FX2
- ENRY Pad FX - FX3
- ENRY Pad FX - Utility
In Traktor, go to Preferences - Controller Manager, then Add.... - Import TSI - Import Other... and import all three mappings.

Please let me know any comment or suggestion. 

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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