Rudi-Js VCI-400SE TSI

Description and Instructions

Hi Guys
Here comes my enhanced version of the DJTT mapping for the VCI-400SE v1.1.2

Version 1.0.89, November 2012

Main Features
(and improvements in relation to the original DJTT VCI-400 TSI 1.1.2):

· Compatibility with Traktor Pro 2.6
· Support of new macro effects, flux mode and post fader FX
· Newly modeled GRATIFY section harboring 8 banks with different effect presets
· Simultaneous, combined or independent operation of GRATIFY sections possible
· Altered GRID with new standby mode
· Enhanced Jog-FX with 4 additional presets and new reversing parameter feature
· Enhanced loop recorder controls
· Extended loop deck control section for extended slot state control
· Manual deck allocation for FX unit 3 and 4 in addition to FX units 1 and 2 allocation
· Enhanced EQ control with kill functionality and new EQ crossfading support feature
· On the fly switching between 4 different preferred screen layouts possible
· Dedicated buttons for master, auto master, snap, quantize now integrated

Please have a look to the PDF documention for more details
(The PDF and TSI come wrapped in a zip file)

Post some comments - I am curious what you think about this mapping


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Comments for v1.0.89
dj-xim over 1 year ago
did the firmware from serato. then I saw you interesting in "SE". can't do, what to do?
DWalk about 5 years ago
Really digging this mapping, starting to look into playing with changing up some of the effects, particularly with the jog effects and get creative with some other combinations, just gotta dive into the mapping though...haha
Marian about 5 years ago
Believe me Rudi-j you can not believe how many people you will make happy, just to see a video with much then half hour if is necessary, where you could show exactly how your mapping work !! My life is misserabile because I use a mapping unexplained !!! Thank You, and I Respect your work !
Rudi-J about 5 years ago

Actually I am working on an update/upgrade and plan also to release a video... ...but why isn't the documentation pfd of any use for you?

Joey Meyer over 4 years ago

Hey Rudy I was wondering if there was any updates for this mapping. Its wonderful and have been using 1.1.2 for awhile now.

Attila Szalai over 5 years ago
Fuck yeah - that's what I can say shortly about this mapping:) This mapping is a Nobel-prize level of controllerism - very impressive very creative I can't stop playing with it:) Thanks from Hungary man:)
Rudi-J over 5 years ago

Good to hear mate. BTW: Already looking forward going to Budapest for Sziget 2013 :-))

Rudi-J over 5 years ago
Hi again everybody, thanks for all the good feedback! and please check out also this thread in the forum --> post your suggestions