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(Midi mode) Step Sequencer - Deck C (with 14 patterns built-in /house/techno/electro)

Description and Instructions

Pro F1 step sequencer Deck C    (V. 1.1)

Open NI controller editor - import template and load.
Enable midi mode in F1 Preferences within traktor.
Open controller manager and import tsi and select input and outputs to the F1. 

Hold shift & Browse to activate Step sequencer mode. 
Step sequencer functions

4 Knobs - Page 1 & 2
Filter adjust slots 1 - 4

4 Faders - Page 1 & 2
Volume adjust slots 1 - 4

Shift Button
Page selector

Sync Button - Page 1 & 2
Deck C Sync

Quant Button - Page 1 & 2
Play / sequencer on

Pads & lower buttons Page 1
Pads 1-4 (Key lock on)
Pads 5-8 (Slot Fx on)
Pads 9-12 (Slot monitor on)
Pads 13-16 (Slot Mute on)
Buttons 1-4 (Fx unit selector)

Pads & lower buttons Page 2

Pads 1-4 (enable steps)
Pads 5-8 (enable steps)
Pads 9-12 (enable steps)
Pads 13-16 (enable steps)
Buttons 1-4 (slot selector)

Tip:- if you hold the slot selector buttons on page 2 they will also act as slot monitor.

Encoder / Button & segment display (Page 1)

Loop recorder
Encoder (loop length)
Knob Button (Record/Play)
Seg display (loop length)

Loop Recorder / Capture Button (Hold)

Encoder knob  (Dry/Wet)
Knob Button (Delete)
Segment display (Dry/Wet 0-10)

Tip:- After recording the step sequencer in the loop recorder hold shift and browse to enter original remix deck mapping and press capture button and select loop recorder to save recorded step sequencer beats from loop recorder. (only works if remix deck is set to deck D on this controller)

Slot 1 Fx / Reverse Button (Hold)
Slot 2 Fx / Type Button (Hold)
Slot 3 Fx / Size Button (Hold)
Slot 4 Fx / Browse Button (Hold)

Encoder knob  (Fx amount)
Knob Button (Fx amount reset to zero)
Segment display (Fx amount 0-10)

Tip:- The lights on the following buttons will give current step indication when on page 1.

Reverse - step 1 light on - step 4 light off.
Type - step 5 light on - step 8 light off.
Size - step 9 light on - step 12 light off.
Browse - step 13 light on - step 16 light off.

Encoder / Button & segment display (Page 2)

Pattern Selector
Encoder knob (pattern selector)
Knob Button (Activate pattern)
Segment display (pattern number 0-14)

Number - 0 (Delete all activated steps)
Number - 1-7 (House & techno patterns)
Number - 8-14 (Electro patterns)

Gain Adjust / Capture Button (Hold)
Encoder knob (Deck C gain Adjust)
Knob Button (Reset gain to centre)
Segment display (gain amount)

Note:- The bottom four buttons will give Deck C level indication in the above mode.

Swing Adjust / Reverse Button (Hold)
Encoder knob (Swing amount)
Knob Button (Reset to zero)
Segment display (Swing amount 0-80)

Slot Sample Selector / Type Button (Hold)
Encoder knob (Sample selector)
Knob Button (N/A)
Segment display (Selected sample 1-16)

Note:- changes the Selected slot sample only.

Slot steps size / Size Button (Hold)
Encoder knob (Size selector)
Knob Button (N/A)
Segment display (Size amount 1-16)

Tip:- you can also use the large 16 pads to select the size.
Note:- changes the selected slot step size only.

Browse remix sets / Browse Button (Hold)
opens favourites folder remix sets in browser.

Encoder knob (list up/down)
Knob Button (load remix set)
Segment display (N/A)

  • Please leave comments with any bugs that need fixing or improvement  ideas. 
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.2.0
carl 4 months ago
great work, nice to see some new mappings
Jude Elliottt 6 months ago
I love the mapping. But one question there is 1-1 editor template and a 1-2 editor template. What do you do with the 1-2 template? Is there a difference between the two? Did I miss something?
electromoore 6 months ago

Hi Jude, the 1-2 template is for when you have two F1's with different midi maps and you might have the other one mapped to something else like tekens fx. I'm currently putting the finishing touches on a TP3 F1 fx mapping with most of the new TP3 features added and I will put it on in a week or two after a road test. Thanks for good feedback.

Jude Elliottt 5 months ago

Thanks for answering my question. I look forward to your next mapping. Keep up the great work. Thank you