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TWISTER Complete (Levels,Cue,Play,Loop,LoopSize,Slip,EQ,FX,hotCUE)

Description and Instructions

3 PAGE mapping

LOWER 2 rows ALWAYS transport

UPPER 2 rows:
1. FX section | 
2. EQ section | 

ZIP file contains 2 files:

[RBDJ MF03.mfs] - load with MIDI FIghter Utility > FILE > Import Settings

[RBDJ Midi Fighter Twister03.csv] - load in DJ soft clicking MIDI > IMPORT
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Comments for v0.3.0
Petra 10 months ago
Is it possible to map that release function to all three FX parameters, to turn them all off and reset the value?
Pauli 10 months ago

Yup, the fourth knob next to the FXs will reset all values on press :)

Kama over 1 year ago
I have a DDJ-XP1 on order as well. I reworked your map as I mainly use an external mixer. I will continue to tweak it and post it if it goes well. Thanks again
Kama over 1 year ago
Hi Pauli, This is the first twister / rekordbox mapping I've seen. Thanks for creating it.
Pauli over 1 year ago

you are very welcome, I find Recordbox DJ very useful and love the combo with Twister. It's so minimalistic. I also use DDJ-XP1 controller with it. I'm more into remixing stuff live, not so much into scratching, so the regular controllers are no use to me. With the Twister, I can do mad drops with FXs, where I can turn them all off with one press. Good luck :) Maybe share it with Recordbox community, thanks

Kama over 1 year ago

Per your suggestion, I put your mapping up here: https://forums.pioneerdj.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360028742712-Midi-Fighter-TWISTER-Complete-for-RBDJ-5-4