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TWISTER Complete (Levels,Cue,Play,Loop,LoopSize,Slip,EQ,FX,hotCUE)

Description and Instructions

3 PAGE mapping

LOWER 2 rows ALWAYS transport

UPPER 2 rows:
1. FX section | 
2. EQ section | 

ZIP file contains 2 files:

[RBDJ MF03.mfs] - load with MIDI FIghter Utility > FILE > Import Settings

[RBDJ Midi Fighter Twister03.csv] - load in DJ soft clicking MIDI > IMPORT
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Comments for v0.3.0
Petra over 3 years ago
Is it possible to map that release function to all three FX parameters, to turn them all off and reset the value?
Pauli over 3 years ago

Yup, the fourth knob next to the FXs will reset all values on press :)

Kama about 4 years ago
I have a DDJ-XP1 on order as well. I reworked your map as I mainly use an external mixer. I will continue to tweak it and post it if it goes well. Thanks again
Kama about 4 years ago
Hi Pauli, This is the first twister / rekordbox mapping I've seen. Thanks for creating it.
Pauli about 4 years ago

you are very welcome, I find Recordbox DJ very useful and love the combo with Twister. It's so minimalistic. I also use DDJ-XP1 controller with it. I'm more into remixing stuff live, not so much into scratching, so the regular controllers are no use to me. With the Twister, I can do mad drops with FXs, where I can turn them all off with one press. Good luck :) Maybe share it with Recordbox community, thanks

Kama about 4 years ago

Per your suggestion, I put your mapping up here: https://forums.pioneerdj.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360028742712-Midi-Fighter-TWISTER-Complete-for-RBDJ-5-4

reeddailey over 2 years ago

I was able to set up custom midi mapping with the previous version of RekordboxDJ. However, now that they have updated to 6.0, I can no longer access the midi edition. Any suggestions?