Attack Attack Attack's 2 Track & 2 Remix Decks with FX and Looping

Description and Instructions

Since completely re-mapping this a few weeks ago, I've had it on the road for all my gigs ever since (along with the Kontrol F1, which I'm yet to custom map) and I LOVE it!

It's a great all in one solution for 2 track decks with pitch control, multiple FX to add drama and builds, looping, cueing and sample launching for up to 6 slots, across 2 further remix decks.

I've also mapped a moving visual light reference for track volume on deck A & B.

I'll try an upload a video demo of it in action, but check out the image for how it all works!
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Comments for v0.1.0
The.Jan.and.Only almost 4 years ago
looks great! I am just a beginner and can't get the SHIFT to work. I didn't import your keyboard mapping, and I have the K2 programmed with no latching layers.