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Description and Instructions

Hello Midi Fighters,
I have no one esle seeing doing this so I want it to share with you;)
I've made a mapping for Ableton10.  

With just one Hand stick to your mouse you get full control over almost every shortcut wich is supported in Ableton10!  Its fully optmized and ready to use. 

I use a  Razer Gaming mouse which has a numpad from 1-12 on the left side above your thump. I complety mapped it with all kinds of makros. 

Guys beleive me is save you sooo much freaking time !! ;)  




► Razer Gaming mouse with a numpad attached, Latest software/driver for your mouse. 

▶  Documentation

1. Initial 

1.1 Keys (index finger):

Mousewheel click = Swaps the mapping*

Mousewheel click left = undo

Mousewheel click right = reundo

Arrow Buttom up = Keyboard Arrow up

Arrow Buttom down =  Keyboard Arrow down

1.2 Keys (Thumb):

1 = Play 

2 = Dublicate

3 = Arrangment view

4 = deactivate

5 = Ctrl 

6= cut

7 = Delete

8 = B (pencil)

9 = consolidate

10 = Fullscreen

11 = Alt

12 = Shift

2. Second Mapping (Mousewheel click)

2.1 Keys (index finger):

Mousewheel up = shift & arrow key up

Mousewheel down = shift & arrow key down

2.2 Keys (Thumb)

1 = ctrl & space

▶  Remeber, my keyboard has a german layout, for example "strg" stands for "cntrl" etc.
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