PareDeSufrir APC40 MIDI Mapping v2.0.0 (Flux Mode Included)

Description and Instructions


  • Flux Mode

  • 2 Deck Full Control

  • Fast and Slow Deck Scrolling

  • Panic 4 Beat Loop

  • 4 Single Effects

  • Fast Track Preview + Scrolling

To Install: 

  1. Open Traktor settings
  2. Click the big IMPORT button on the bottom left
  3. Select the downloaded .tsi file

  4. Make sure the In-Port and Out-Port are set to APC40 on the Controller Manager Tab

This Mapping was created to control 2 Decks and 4 Simple Effects. There are no tempo faders to prevent unwanted mistakes, so you have to set your MIDI Clock to Master and sync your Decks to it. This way you can adjust your tempo (SHIFT+ Main Knob) and both your decks will always be on sync.

You can always use the Panic 4 Beat Loop, even if Flux Mode is ON.

You can Browse your library at any time, preview your tracks and seek through them. Loading a track into a deck will automatically stop and unload the preview player.

This Mapping was created by modifying C.Lab's Collision Mapping. He did an amazing job.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v2.0.0
Trintaro almost 2 years ago
que dios te bendiga misericordioso ser ¡
ActiveSky almost 5 years ago
I stopped suffering!
shane about 5 years ago
do you understand how to mapp the led's
mcpothead over 5 years ago
Doesnt work on windows?
makio001 over 5 years ago
Clean mapping. Good visual feedback. I don't normally like other's mappings, but this one is quite well planned. been playing around with it for about 2 days. Really takes advantage of flux mode, super fun to use once you get the mapping down. Totally functional for any set, works as in internal mixer mapping, but really shines with effects and mixing done on a mixer.