Gemini G2V mapping for DJay Pro

Description and Instructions

I like DJay Pro for its Spotify integration, but finding a ready-made mapping for the Gemini G2V proved to be exceedingly difficult. This was my first ever mapping, but so far it seems to be adequate. I am new to mixing, too, so the choices I have made (mostly for the functions of the performance pads) might not be what you would expect, but it's what seemed to make sense to me.

  • Everything in the mixer (centre) portion of the controller works as expected.
  • Pads 1-3 and 5-7 match Djay's sample library's button layout.
  • Pad 4 is manual loop in/out
  • Pad 8 is Censor (very handy when playing music for a Christian crowd).
  • The Loop Roll button adjusts loop length (one press halves the length, Shift-press doubles it).
  • The Scratch/Search button beside each deck toggles Scratch/Slip modes
So far it all works pretty well, though I have had the software lock up on me a couple of times, mostly when I was scrubbing through a song really quickly with the jog wheel.

The G2V doesn't get a lot of love from the Internet, but it's a solidly build piece of hardware. The long pitch faders, aux in and XLR out make this a slightly more "pro" option, in my humble newbie opinion. Pair it with DJay Pro and Spotify Premium and it's hella fun.
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