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2.6 Flux, Auto Gain, 4 Fx, and Key

Description and Instructions

This mapping is for the S4 in 4 Fx mode with the stock mapping.

The mapping gives you the ability to turn on/off all 4 Fx units in the mixer for each deck. The Fx 1 and 2 buttons in the mixer section of the S4 turn on/off Fx units 1 and 2. The Master button (between Snap and Quantize) is mapped as a shift button so when held down the 1 and 2 Fx buttons in the mixer will now turn on/off Fx 3 and 4 for each deck. 

Holding down the Master button will also display the auto gain setting, and allow you to change the auto gain setting with the deck's gain encoder. Pressing the encoder with the Master button pressed will set Auto Gain to zero.

To turn on/off Flux mode press shift for the deck and the Fx mode button. This works for each deck, and you also still have the mode button's normal function. The load led will light up to let you know Flux mode is on.

The Tempo Offset buttons have been remapped to increase and decrease the Key for the deck you are on. Offset LEDs still show offset in version 0.1.0. This has changed in version 0.1.1. The Tempo Offset LED's now show the Key knob "value". They start in an off state when the key knob is at zero (as long was your S4's off state led brightness is zero), and get brighter with each step in key change or dimmer when going back down to zero. 

You will lose the Master button's normal function and the Tempo offset buttons' normal function and leds with this mapping, as well as the led on the load button.

he only thing I feel that would make this mapping perfect would be the Fx unit LEDs in the mixer giving proper feedback. But, because of the way NI made 4 Fx mode work on the S4, it isn't possible as far as I know.

Use the small import/add in the controller manager at the top to import this mapping. Not the big import button on the bottom. 

Version 1.2- Fixed cross fader assign
Version 1.1- disabled offset leds and repurposed for showing Key knob value change.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.2
Jesse Hoefer over 5 years ago
Any way I can get a version of this with no changes to the offset tempo buttons, I really want to be able to control all 4 fx units but don't want that much else to change.
VanGogo over 5 years ago

I'm not where I can look at it right now, but I believe you could just delete the key ins and outs in the mapping and that should make the mapping like you want it. Or just pm me your email on the DJTT forum, and I'll fix it and send it to you this evening.

VanGogo over 5 years ago
Got the download problem solved.
dave gordon over 5 years ago
i cant download .....its an xml file not a tsi????
VanGogo over 5 years ago

Don't know why it is an XML now not a TSI. I'll message the admins to get it fixed. Thanks for letting me know!

VanGogo over 5 years ago

Dave, if you will PM me your email (on the DJTT Forums) I will be happy to send you the TSI.