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Reloop Terminal Mix 8 ashp

Description and Instructions

This is a mapping for Terminal Mix 8 for Djay Pro 2, Mixer Section is Perfectly Mapped however no Fader start as I do not know how to implement fader start. All Pad LED's colour have been taken from mixon4 please test let me know
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Comments for v0.2.0
Mark Tapia 27 days ago
It’s Almost Fullly Natively Supported with your midi mappings. Some Hot cue RGB pads restart the track or switch to next track..that is frustrating. Works Seemlessly when imported through iTunes to my iPad in DJ Pro (iPad Air 2)! You are 👏🏼 AWESOME
Ashish 27 days ago

Hi mark, need to find the pad that is glitchy may have been double mapped or mapped wrongly. Shame algoriddim do not support this natively I having to guess which logic should be followed to provide native control. Also not sure what pad colors algoriddim prefer please let me know which deck, pad mode and pad number makes the track skip I will double check this mapping. Sounds like one of the pads are mapped to load track. I did this for my iPad Pro which works fine

Mark Tapia 26 days ago

Hey Ashish I think maybe I still use V.01 of your midi map. gonna try and test it with V.02 with Djay Pro 2. Standby, and yes it is a shame that they will Natively Support Exclusive Serato or Rekordbox devices that are Newer but still wont Support the TM8, which we have been asking for years!

Mark Tapia 8 days ago

hello ashish. so I pinponted which Pad is causing deck to reload. Both Decks Sample Mode/RGB Pad #3 BLUE