DJay midi map for Pioneer DDJ WEGO

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After purchasing the Pioneer WEGO (made in china in sept, purchased in oct :) I found out that there is no mapping for traktor or djay, besides the standard Virtual DJ LE included. Seems also there is no rush to be released.
... this is my first midi map, so I will appreciate any feedback or support from more experienced with Djay midi mapping tool. 

It covers most of the functions with LED, etc. For the remaining ones, pls help!

Couple things that need further attention:
- VU meters
- crossfader has some problems in transition so I decided to skip it
- sync button works ok but is always on
- Shift button could not be found by mapper so I used Deck C and Deck D as shift buttons (shift can still be used but just for jog color change :)

  • Search T1 = Deck C ( shift) + JOG T1
  • Reset Speed T1 =Deck C ( shift) +Load T1
  • Back spin T1= Deck C ( shift) +CTRL B
  • Forward spin T1=Deck C ( shift) +FX3
  • Absorb T1= FX3
  • Sway T1 = Ctrl B
  • Key On/off-= Ctrl A
  • Clear Cue T1 1/2/3 = Deck C ( shift) + Cue 1/2/3
  • Reverse T1= cue 4
  • Echo Transition T1= Deck C ( shift) + FX1
  • Break Transition T1= Deck C ( shift) + Ctrl A
  • Reset Speed T1 = Deck C ( shift) + Sync
(similar for T2)

So in case you can simplify the map, improve LED response, fix the problem with the crossfader, solve the missing shift response...I will appreciate.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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ElCUbanito almost 4 years ago
Ok I hope someone can help me to add this feature ;)
ElCUbanito almost 4 years ago
Hi. Let me know if you can add to a mapping function key combination Treble+(shift) so you get the "GAIN" function that is not present for any Deck on the DDj WeGo. Example: Gain T1 = Deck A ( shift) + Treble T1 Gain T2 = Deck B ( shift) + Treble T2 Thanks, Igor.
timtucker over 5 years ago
Great to see someone else working with the WeGO. Here are a few things I found while mapping it for Traktor Pro... The VU LEDs are on channel 13 and run between A2 and G3 ( or thereabouts ) The shift button doesn't send any midi note or cc, but it does still shift the midi input/output so you can use it if you wish. and if you happen to stumble across any of the deck LED effects please give me a shout. :-)
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Bone Hard over 5 years ago
Since Your last posting of the MIDI mapping for DJay & WE-GO have you figured out the crossfader issue
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