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3x Xone K2

Description and Instructions

The mapping needs to be described in detail, but here's the rough explanation:

3x K" chained with X:Link (Order: PC -> MID (USB); MID -> LEFT (xlink); LEFT -> RIGHT (xlink)

LEFT: Midi Ch. 14, Stem Deck A; FX 1+3, Filter Deck A+C, Loop Deck A+C; Seek Position Deck A+C; Deck FX Assignment, when enabled Step Sequencer, otherwise OUTPUT colored Equalizer, load Deck, FX Assign
MID: Midi Ch. 15, ACDB Layout, Voume Fader, EQ Knobs with Kill, Gain per Channel
RIGHT: Midi Ch. 13, Stem Deck B; FX 2+4, Filter Deck B+D, Loop Deck B+D; Seek Position Deck B+D; Remix Deck D (all 64 Buttons implemented with Color (RED=empty Cell, ORANGE=loaded, GREEN=Playing)

Update 1.1.0: now with Remix Deck D Step Sequencer on the left K2
Update 1.2.0: changed Pattern Lenght action to another encoder, NOW DOCUMENTATION AVAILABLE at https://imgur.com/a/oCIOx
Update 1.3.0: changed Track Load Buttons, added Slot FX Selector, UPDATED DOCUMENTATION: https://imgur.com/a/BRIkiXX
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.3.0
johan 2 months ago
hallo ik heb windows 10 en hebben jullie ook one k2 en k1 software v1.30 met vr gr johan
David 24 days ago

Hi Johan, thanks for the reply, unfortunately I do not understand Netherlands (even not with Google Translate). But I think, since you commented, you like the mapping --> Thanks!

David over 1 year ago
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