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3x Xone K2

Description and Instructions

The mapping needs to be described in detail, but here's the rough explanation:

3x K" chained with X:Link (Order: PC -> MID (USB); MID -> LEFT (xlink); LEFT -> RIGHT (xlink)

LEFT: Midi Ch. 14, Stem Deck A; FX 1+3, Filter Deck A+C, Loop Deck A+C; Seek Position Deck A+C; Deck FX Assignment, when enabled Step Sequencer, otherwise OUTPUT colored Equalizer, load Deck, FX Assign
MID: Midi Ch. 15, ACDB Layout, Voume Fader, EQ Knobs with Kill, Gain per Channel
RIGHT: Midi Ch. 13, Stem Deck B; FX 2+4, Filter Deck B+D, Loop Deck B+D; Seek Position Deck B+D; Remix Deck D (all 64 Buttons implemented with Color (RED=empty Cell, ORANGE=loaded, GREEN=Playing)

Update 1.1.0: now with Remix Deck D Step Sequencer on the left K2
Update 1.2.0: changed Pattern Lenght action to another encoder, NOW DOCUMENTATION AVAILABLE at https://imgur.com/a/oCIOx
Update 1.3.0: changed Track Load Buttons, added Slot FX Selector, UPDATED DOCUMENTATION: https://imgur.com/a/BRIkiXX
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Comments for v1.3.0
David 10 months ago
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