2Decks Control - Layout for Touch OSC

Description and Instructions

2Decks Control - Layout for Touch OSC v3.2

This mapping allows you to easy control A and B decks
and 2 sample decks. 
I made this mapping for myself, and hope it would be usefull for somebody else :)

See video for quick overview of mapping
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v3.2.0
Damir about 1 month ago
Best mapping here. Thank you.
Diego Ramirez 8 months ago
just downloaded it, works like a charm! thank you! hands down the best layout for TouchOSC + Traktor i;ve seen
Oliver 10 months ago
hi everybody, I'm new to OSC and iOS midi control. I'd like to ask if this mapping only works through wifi or if there is a cable solution to use it via ipad camera usb kit? Thanks in advance and well done for the mappings! Oliver
Grve 10 months ago
Hello there and thank you so much for this great mapping. I use it 2years now. I had a big brake djing and yesterday as I tried to make a mix tape couldn't use it. Tried to loading and Osc crashed. I also tried deleted and re load it. Would really love to know , it's my main contrôler.. Thx in advance.
Norberto 10 months ago
I load .touchosc file on iPad, i load .tsi file on traktor, but not working. How can i resolve it?