MacBook Pro TouchBar meets Traktor

Description and Instructions

Create a Traktor Mapping for the MacBook Pro TouchBar. All this allows through the App BetterTouchTool. The mapping is very simple structured, but contains all important controls, to DJ with the TouchBar only! 
But see yourself in my video, above.

To instal the Mapping, you need to download BetterTouchTools on, it have a 30 Days Free Trail. 

Simply at the .json preset file over the "Manage Presets" button on the left side in BTT. Included in my Zip file. 

The Mapping need the last 5 of 12 playlist favorite slots, to work. But all settings are contained. Simply add the .tsi file over Import on down left side on Traktor settings. Keyboard Mappings + Favorites.

Have Fun! 


Rob Freeman 

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.3.2
DjCharley almost 6 years ago
It did work for me! Make sure you put "MacBook Pro TouchBar meets Traktor" file in your Documents folder and then import "BTT-TraktorPreset.json" in BTT, using the Manage Presets button. Once this is done, open Traktor settings and import "TouchBar-Setup.tsi". Hope this helps!
jamie almost 6 years ago
Hey bro... Looks good, but I haven't been able to get it to work yet. I've installed BTT and loaded .json file and imported the .tsi into Traktor but it's not working / loading properly. Maybe I'm missing a step - could you clarify a bit more please? thanks, and good work! Jamie