X1 - Ableton Live - (as MIDI Fighter for SoundPacks with 2 banks)

Description and Instructions


This mapping changes the 16 buttons at the bottom of the X1 to send MIDI messages similar to the MIDI FIGHTER (3D). This makes it convenient when downloading Mad Zach's Soundpacks as the drum racks will be map nicely onto the X1 without requiring any further effort.

The Ableton Live Packs for the LIVE REMIX CONTESTS have a rack with 32 sounds which map onto 2 banks of 16. This mapping implements 2 banks. Bank 1 is on by default. To switch to the second bank, just press the SHIFT key on the X1. Press it again to change back to the first bank.

In addition to implementing 2 banks of 16 buttons, the LEDs have also been configured to turn on while you press the buttons.

Enjoy :)

How To Install:

To use the Kontrol X1 as a MIDI controller with Ableton or other MIDI software, you need to perform the following steps:

1 Download and install the X1 driver from Native Instruments

2 Download and install the Controller Editor application from Native Instruments

(Each will require Admin password and a reboot.)

Now open Ableton Live.

Live | Preferences | MIDI Sync

Here, choose Traktor Kontrol X1. Enable Track,Sync and Remote. Now you can MIDImap the KNOBS to whatever controls you want in Ableton Live yourself to be saved in your Ableton Live Set.


to map the buttons you must configure the X1 by running the Controller Editor application.

Choose Traktor Kontrol X1, from the drop down and press Connect.

Then, File | Open and select the mapping file supplied here. 

Once the X1 is configured it will work that way until you change the configuration (so you don't need the Controller Editor every time)

It gives you 2 banks of sounds. Switch banks by pressing SHIFT. Note the LEDS light up when you press the buttons!