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Midi Fighter Twister Traktor Set Up (Dayton edit)

Description and Instructions

 Well ive been messing around with mapping my twister to Traktor witch can be very difficult. But this one seems like a good start =]

Anyway basic concept was to be able to control browsing through songs, loading it to deck A or B, and control filters/effects.
I integrated some basic LED output mapping as well, the second bank is a freeze mode in witch when activated the bottom 8 encoders light up when played so its easy to see witch encoder triggers what slot. 

OK heres the break down, ill go over the lay out first then how to use it, my friends can use it so it seems user friendly:
Bank 1: Think of half the twister (split vertically) is Deck A the other half Deck B. Pretty symmetrical.
1st Row
The first encoder on the left(00) is the high/low pass filter for track A (there should be detent). The next two are outputs that show if a track is playing. Green means on, Red means off. *UPDATE* They also now pause and stop the track as well as scroll through it. The 4th encoder (03) on the top right is again the filter high/low pass. Both of those knobs are set as reset encoders so by simply pressing down on them your filter disappears and accents a nice drop.

2nd Row
The first encoder is tied to the dry/wet of effect rack 1 and the second knob. 
The next two encoders are for browsing they each scroll threw your browser and by clicking either one loads the track on to Deck A or Deck B.*UPDATE* Got a better sensitivity on it.
The last encoder on the right simply controls the knob for effect 1.

3rd Row
The first encoder on the left is the low eq for Deck A
*UPDATE* The second scrolls through your favorite playlists
*Update* The Third press it or spin it to open the browse view.
then the last encoder on the right is the same thing but Deck B. Both Encoders are reset knobs as well.

4th Row
The first encoder controls several things. It turns on effect rack 1 for Deck A and Button 1. It is also tied to Dry/Wet of effect rack 1 and knob 1. When used correctly this encoder can really shake things up.
*UPDATE* The second encoder is the mixer.
The last encoder is like the first but triggers the effect rack 1 and button 1 for  Deck B. It also Controls knob 1 but not the dry/wet. Both of these encoders reset when pushed.

The Buttons:
(left side)
1st Button: Load Next Track (A)
3rd Button: Play Track (A)

(right side)
1st Button: Load Next Track (B)
3rd Button: Play Track (B)

This set up i like to use a gater for first effect the flanger flux for the second and the third never really comes into play.
Using the reset feature on the filter knobs and the effect on/off knobs can be alot of fun. There is a small bug in gettin the gater and the on/off button not to be sync'd but ill work on that. if they do fall out of sync fix it mannualy with ur computer or traktor controller.

Now the second bank is where freeze mode comes into play

Bank 2
Row 1
The first encoder on the right turns on the freeze mode. This encoder is important in reseting your freeze slot selection. The second encoder is a knob that is used to determine the size of the freeze clip
*UPDATE* The 4th encoder on the first row also controls the filter/fx for the a-trak
Row 3 - Row 4
Encoders 9-16 are now your freeze slices and the led lights should flash on witch ever encoder according to when the A track is playing. After the song passes the freeze zone simply press the on and off button for the freeze mode to jump forward.

Kinda rushed the end but hope someone can enjoy this map and def expect more!
-Dirty Dena 

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