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MDJ-1000 Deck Focus Version

Description and Instructions

This mapping is to help those with MDJ-1000's or specifically one MDJ-1000 get the most out of their device. 
Currently.. Cues are mapped.. and the auto loop buttons are set to deck select.. 
tempo bend buttons are mapped

Where it's labeled "2" is Deck A, "4" is Deck B and so on..  Jog and pitch are mapped.. and the filter is set to zoom. The split button is supposed to be set to 0 the waveform zoom but it needs more work.. 

This is NOT meant to imply any state of being finished.. It is version 0.0.2  Your feedback and encouragement will move development.. I will update as I have time.. 

I will try to add other nice things like a picture and video as time becomes available.

Also.. some of the lighting may be confusing.. the cues are always lit.. and the play button is always lit.. I will need to look at the modifier section to make these work how one should expect.. But.. as I've never gotten significant time behind devices like this.. I'm not exactly sure how these things are supposed to be lit.
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