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Steinberg CC121 for Ableton Live 9 and Live 10 (Marco Eugster edit)

Description and Instructions

Now supporting Ableton Live 10!

This integration of the Steinberg CC121 into Ableton Live behaves very similar as its original implementation at Steinberg Cubase. This Live integration supports these functionalities:

  • General transport (start, stop, record, fast-forward/backward, loop on/off)
  • Jump to next/previous marker
  • Channel selection (left/right)
  • Fold/unfold of grouped tracks
  • Control of volume (incl. motorized fader), mute, solo, monitoring status, arm to record
  • Control of devices (all Live stock devices, unsupported devices can be customized)
  • Control of plugins (effects and instruments)
  • Sends of tracks and chains
  • Volume and pan of tracks and chains
  • Chain and drum pad selection
  • Drum pad audition (trigger of selected drum pad, can be recorded)
  • Start session record
  • Start automation record of manual parameter moves and reactivate automation
  • Record all parameter automations done with the CC121
  • Device selection, bypass, enable on/off, expand, collapse (single or all devices of a track)
  • Undo/redo
  • Switch between Session View and Arrangement View
  • Switch between Clip View and Device View
  • Clip selection, start, stop
  • Scene selection, start, stop
  • Quantize 50%, 75%, 100%
  • Free assignable controls: 1 rotary knob (VALUE knob at FUNCTION section) and foot switch
  • Changes and selections via computer mouse or other connected controllers are reflected instantly (motorized volume Fader and illuminations of buttons)
  • Customize control of Live devices via custom MIDI Map text file

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v2.0.0
Derren 5 days ago
Can this be used in conjunction with cubase as i use both platforms?
Marco Eugster 4 days ago

Yes, however not in parallel. Either you use it with Abelton or with Cubase at a time.

Paul 7 months ago
Hi Marco Thanks for your tremendous effort to create the script. I’ve been looking for a good DAW controller and the cc121 looks perfect. I’ve got one on order and really excited to get it running with your script!! Thanks again Paul.
Marco Eugster 7 months ago

Hello Paul, your welcome. Are you going to use the cc121 with Live only or with Cubase as wel?

tony 9 months ago
I've loved using this with Live 9. I downloaded version 2.0 and installed it, but it doesn't work in Live 10 (not beta, but release version). Still works in Live 9. should I uninstall version 1.0 first?
Marco Eugster 9 months ago

Hey Tony, I installed it on a fresh computer, Live 10.0.1 on a Windows 64bit version and it did work fine. What does mean: "it doesn't work"? Did you install it in the Live 10 folder "Midi Remote Scripts" (add folder SteinbergCC121 manually)? You need to add the Live 10 version only into that SteinbergCC121 folder. Is the SteinbergCC121 displayed in the Options-Midi page? Check the log file for any errors related to SteinbergCC121 and RemoteScriptMessage and send it to me. You can find the logfile here: c:\users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\Ableton\Live 10.0.1\Preferences\log.txt

tony 9 months ago

thanks much for your help. Yeah, I did all of those things right. Initially, I had not added it to Live 10 folder, but even after I did, it doesn't function. If I turn Track on in the MIDI I/Os, the CC121 buttons will play MIDI notes, but not do any of the remote functions, even though Remote is on. where can I send you the log? here is a snippet: RemoteScriptError: AssertionError 2018-02-10T11:55:04.231930: info: RemoteScriptError: : 2018-02-10T11:55:04.231986: info: RemoteScriptError: Registry key (176, 5) registered twice. Check Midi messages! 2018-02-10T11:55:04.232041: info: RemoteScriptError: 2018-02-10T11:55:05.884804: info: MemoryUsage: V: 1.6 GB, R: 1 GB, P: 969.3 MB 2018-02-10T11:55:06.925377: info: MemoryUsage: V: 1.6 GB, R: 1.1 GB, P: 1.1 GB 2018-02-10T11:55:08.263836: info: MemoryUsage: V: 1.7 GB, R: 1.3 GB, P: 1.2 GB 2018-02-10T11:55:09.038143: info: RemoteScriptError: Traceback (most recent call last): 2018-02-10T11:55:09.038194: info: RemoteScriptError: File "c:\Jenkins\live\output\win_64_static\Release\python-bundle\MIDI Remote Scripts\_Framework\", line 385, in build_midi_map 2018-02-10T11:55:09.038391: info: RemoteScriptError: File "c:\Jenkins\live\output\win_64_static\Release\python-bundle\MIDI Remote Scripts\_Framework\", line 335, in install_connections 2018-02-10T11:55:09.038616: info: RemoteScriptError: File "c:\Jenkins\live\output\win_64_static\Release\python-bundle\MIDI Remote Scripts\_Framework\", line 824, in _install_forwarding 2018-02-10T11:55:09.038747: info: RemoteScriptError: AssertionError 2018-02-10T11:55:09.038787: info: RemoteScriptError: : 2018-02-10T11:55:09.038827: info: RemoteScriptError: Registry key (176, 5) registered twice. Check Midi messages! 2018-02-10T11:55:09.038861: info: RemoteScriptError: 2018-02-10T11:55:09.116944: info: Link: Disabled 2018-02-10T11:55:09.213341: info: Python: INFO:Push2.push2:213 - Push 2 identified 2018-02-10T11:55:09.213441: info: Python: INFO:Push2.push2:213 - Firmware 1.0 Build 62 2018-02-10T11:55:09.213516: info: Python: INFO:Push2.push2:213 - Serial number 18126842 2018-02-10T11:55:09.213594: info: Python: INFO:Push2.push2:213 - Board Revision 1 2018-02-10T11:55:18.197309: info: MemoryUsage: V: 1.9 GB, R: 1.3 GB, P: 1.3 GB 2018-02-10T11:55:27.751366: info: Default App: Analyzing command-line arguments... 2018-02-10T11:55:27.751400: info: Default App: Command-line arguments: Document locations: file:///D:/CloudStation/%23templates%20-%20DAW/20180126%20Deep%20Tech%20House%204-bar%20loop%20Project/20180126%20Deep%20Tech%20House%204-bar%20loop.als 2018-02-10T11:55:27.767478: info: Message Box: Save changes to "f78f7aa7d947a27e78e3745c9008ab0ce6736aa0" before closing? 2018-02-10T11:55:30.050050: info: Default App: Begin ExchangeDocument 2018-02-10T11:55:30.050083: info: MemoryUsage: V: 2 GB, R: 1.4 GB, P: 1.3 GB 2018-02-10T11:55:30.172025: info: Python: INFO:Push2.push2:171 - Push 2 script unloaded 2018-02-10T11:55:30.233469: info: Default App: Begin SavePrefs 2018-02-10T11:55:30.250177: info: Default App: End SavePrefs 2018-02-10T11:55:30.388220: info: LSongAgent: Begin SetSongUnit 2018-02-10T11:55:30.397024: info: LSongAgent: End SetSongUnit 2018-02-10T11:55:30.401765: info: Audio time allocations: Large Sysex Events: Capacity/Used/Failures: 7/0/0 2018-02-10T11:55:30.401823: info: Audio time allocations: Medium Sysex Events: Capacity/Used/Failures: 1985/0/0 2018-02-10T11:55:30.401858: info: Audio time allocations: Small Sysex Events: Capacity/Used/Failures: 13107/1/0 2018-02-10T11:55:30.417396: info: Audio time allocations: Midi Delay: Capacity/Used/Failures: 26214/1/0 2018-02-10T11:55:30.452567: info: LSongAgent: Begin SetSongUnit 2018-02-10T11:55:30.452718: info: LSongAgent: End SetSongUnit 2018-02-10T11:55:30.461916: info: Audio time allocations: Max Remote Automation Events: Capacity/Used/Failures: 5041/128/0 2018-02-10T11:55:30.461973: info: Audio time allocations: Max Device Automation Events: Capacity/Used/Failures: 3196/32/0 2018-02-10T11:55:30.462001: info: Audio time allocations: Max Device Midi Events: Capacity/Used/Failures: 7710/0/0 2018-02-10T11:55:30.462027: info: Audio time allocations: Parameter Compensate Delay: Capacity/Used/Failures: 524288/0/0 2018-02-10T11:55:32.710076: info: MemoryUsage: V: 1.9 GB, R: 1.3 GB, P: 1.3 GB 2018-02-10T11:55:33.164054: info: AMidiIO: Midi Remote Scripts: MidiRemoteScript 1 [Control Surface="None" Input="Steinberg CC121-1" Output="Steinberg CC121-1"] MidiRemoteScript 2 [Control Surface="MIDI Fighter Twister" Input="Midi Fighter Twister" Output="Midi Fighter Twister"] MidiRemoteScript 3 [Control Surface="Push2" Input="Ableton Push 2" Output="Ableton Push 2"] MidiRemoteScript 4 [Control Surface="None" Input="None" Output="None"] MidiRemoteScript 5 [Control Surface="None" Input="None" Output="None"] MidiRemoteScript 6 [Control Surface="None" Input="None" Output="None"] 2018-02-10T11:55:33.164079: info: AMidiIO: Takeover Mode: None 2018-02-10T11:55:33.164152: info: AMidiIO: Midi Devices: MidiInDevice [Name="Steinberg CC121-1", Track=true, Sync=false, Remote=true, Port Type=MME, MIDI Clock Sync Delay=0, Sync Type="MIDI Clock", MTC Frame Rate="All", MTC Start Offset=0] MidiInDevice [Name="Ableton Push 2", Track=true, Sync=false, Remote=false, Port Type=MME, MIDI Clock Sync Delay=0, Sync Type="MIDI Clock", MTC Frame Rate="All", MTC Start Offset=0]

Marco Eugster 9 months ago

Send me an email. Take my full name as mentioned above. Place a dot in between and add windowslive including the at sign and .com

tony 9 months ago

just did so. thanks!

tony 9 months ago

Hey, Marco, thanks so much for your help via email. I did a clean reinstall of Live 10 and it works fine now. Must have been a strange gremlin causing problems. Love your script!