Traktor FX Presets

Description and Instructions

This mapping stores all Parameters of a FX-Unit by hit a Pad on F1.

to make this mapping working you need "Miditranslator Pro" and load my Projekt-File.
You have to import 2 tsi files in your Traktor (the ports are Traktor virtual in & out)
You have to load the Controller Editor Template for your F1 Kontrol.

To Store the Configuration of your FX-Unit you have to hold the Button for wich Unit you want to Store:

Quant    = FX-Unit 1
Capture = FX-Unit 2
Reverse = FX-Unit 3
Type      = FX-Unit 4

While holding one of them push one of the 16 Pads.
The Pad will change the Color

Orange    =Fx 1 Stores
Green      =Fx 2 Stores
Blue         =Fx 3 Stores
Magenta  =Fx 4 Stores

Change the Configuration and Store another one.
To switch between the Stores push the Pads with Same Color.
You can overwrite the Stores for another Unit.
While holding the Sync Button and pushing Pads the Stores will be deleted.

Please tell me if you find this usefull

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