Novation Dicer for Traktor Pro 2 / Traktor Scratch Pro 2

Description and Instructions

    This MIDI mapping was created to emulate the default functionalities of Novation Dicer in Traktor Pro 2 / Traktor Scratch Pro 2. The mapping is based on Serato basic operations. There are 03 different modes: Hot Cue, Loop Roll and Loop. The first one uses the Hot Cue functions of Traktor, the second one uses the Loop function together with the Flux mode, and finally the third mode uses the default loop function.

    In this mapping, we took care of the visual feedback to the user, to match what is happening on software. For example: on Hot Cue mode, whenever a hot cue is created, the red light on button turns on; for the Loop Roll mode, all the buttons remain with low green light, except when they are pressed, what turns them into bright green; and for the Loop mode, just the activated loop is indicated with a bright amber led, the other ones remain “off”. Also, when deleting a hot cue, we have created two states: low red and bright red light.

    For your information, this mapping is still in development, and some bugs may appear, especially when used together with other MIDI controllers, such as Kontrol X1, Kontrol X1 Mk2 and etc. Unfortunately, Native Instruments doesn’t allow a basic level of programming in their MIDI mappings, and not all functions are available yet, what makes much more difficult to do a “perfect” mapping. If you find any bug or wants to contribute for the mapping, feel free to write me an email. I do not guarantee that I will update this mapping forever, but feel free to modify the “.tsi” file as you want.

    And the most important thing: have fun :)

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