MC-7000 official Traktor mapping (T3kn0l1z4rd edit)

Description and Instructions

Official traktor mapping for Denon MC-7000 (from DenonDj web site).
It's necessary to upload all .TSI files into Traktor Controller Manager.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.4
Keyy 11 months ago
Hi! Thank you for this mapping, it fixed the touchstrip not working 😁 But I still can't figure out how to access fx 3 and 4 via my controller.. I think I tried everything so I'm guessing you didn't include a way to do it? Or maybe I'm just one big noob 😂
santiago velazquez 11 months ago
Hi There. I'm using this mapping and everything works great. but the only problem I have is the Phones mix knob #21. for some reason it doesn't work properly. I can not hear the cue output at all. not matter what direction I turn the knob I only get the master mix output. So I'm not able to listen in cue the track I'm going to play next. Please I will appreciate any help about this, because I have been trying to find a solution with no luck. Thanks in advance
ANDY about 1 year ago
Hello, please how do you upload this mapping into traktor? The explanation is not enough. I have tried to read the PDF file attached to the TSI file but I can not get the denon mc7000 to work. PLEASE can you make a video with step by step process on how to upload the TSI FILE into traktor pro? Can we get a better process in PDF file. It will help alot because there are no videos of the denon mc7000 controlling traktor on youtube. Reply please Thank you
dj.mixteco.mix about 1 year ago

hello there here a video mapping for denon mc7000

T3kn0l1z4rd about 1 year ago

Hi, sorry for delay. On Denon website, together with .TSI files, there's also a PDF that explains how to import the TSI files. You have to import all 5 files in the Controller Manager. And of course select Denon MC7000 as default controller also in MIDI port. Hope this was helpful.

manuel 10 months ago

hola buenas porque solo me funciona el plato derecho

juan carlos 8 months ago

a mi me ocurre lo mismo, conseguiste solucionarlo ?,