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vstimidi JAM - Traktor Mapping

Description and Instructions

Latest Update: 3/10/2019

vstimidi JAM v0.2.0

(reconfigure your controller mapping on the fly)

DISCLAIMER: Due to Controller Editor issue, Maschine Jam is having difficulties to change/update the button color for more than 11 LED's at once via the MIDI protocol. Therefor I highly recommend that everyone should use this mapping only with Windows 10 or Mac OS X at this point! This message will be removed once this issue gets fixed by new Controller Editor update.

vstimidi Jam is a custom made and fully versatile mapping for Native Instruments MASCHINE Jam controller with Traktor Pro 2.11 or newer. This mapping is meant to be used ether like the All-In One controller for internal mixing, or, as an add-on controller to the external mixer or any of your favorite main controllers really. For example I use it effectively with Kontrol S4 MK3.

The main part of this mapping will divide your controller surface into the three different sections (Matrix-Faders-Buttons), each of which has its own separate page navigation system that gives you commodity to select from a variety of different pre-mapped parts of the mapping in each individual section/page and than combine them to how ever you want it in to the single master mapping configuration. The rest of the mapping are 11 "Global" buttons located at the right side of the unit (check the pic down below). There is also many controls that are not currently mapped so there is a lot of room for adding new mappings.

Page / Section 1: Matrix

The 64 button Matrix, 8 top buttons, d-pad, push encoder, VU-meter, "NOTE REPEAT" button and "BROWSE" button are all connected and listening to rules of five different mapping pages as following:

"SONG" = Full Browser + Master Clock controls

"STEP" = Remix Deck C + Step Sequencer D

"PAD MODE" = Dual Deck Focus [advanced 4-Deck mixing]

"CLEAR" = 2x X1's [basic 4-Deck mixing]

"DUPLICATE" = Pitch Play / Freeze Mode

Page / Section 2: Faders

Since there is no way to control the LED strip colors and types via MIDI messages I had to set up hardware pages here and then assign different colors via the Editor software. Feel free to change those colors to what ever is your preference. This dedicated page buttons "A" to "H" are set to navigate between 8 pages of different touch fader controls. Must say some of  best touch strips I've ever seen on the midi controller, absolute message is very well implemented.
Started from the left side you can choose from Submix controls if you are mixing with Stems and Remix Sets, followed by some basic deck transport (Tempo Bend and Seek Position) over to three different pages of momentary instant gratification effects (hint: use the "LOCK" button to lock on the FX state ON to all effects) and finally the Instant Mixer FX which is a new feature added in 0.2.0 version.

"A" = Slot Volume Adjust (if Stem or Remix Deck) // Internal Mixer Channel Volume and 3-Bend EQ (if Track Deck)

"B" = Slot Filter Adjust (if Stem or Remix Deck)

"C" = Slot FX Amount (if Stem or Remix Deck)

"D" = Basic Deck Transport

"E" = FX Preset 1

"F" = FX Preset 2

"G" = FX Preset 3

"H" = Instant Mixer FX (TPro3)  NEW in 0.2.0!!!

Note: Only five out of eight available mapping pages (A-B-C-D-H) are listening to the rules of the Section 1 Deck Selector modifiers. Meaning every time you select some other Deck in the focus or even set the mapping in to a different page in the button matrix section the touch faders will always stays in sync with your current page in the Matrix. The remaining three fader pages (E-F-G) are fully armed with "smart effects". Touch a strip to Insert + Activate effects and then slide to modulate the parameters. How convenient?! ...and this same concept also applies to Mixer FX.

Page / Section 3: Buttons

The 8 bottom buttons in a row are dedicated for this final section. These can be used as the extension of touch fader controls or individually and they are also synced with the rest of the mapping just like the fader section. 
(i.e. Select the Slot Volume controls at the "Faders Section" and Select the Slot Mute controls at the "Buttons Section" to accompany each other. Or, select the Slot Volume controls at the "Faders Section" and Select the Slot FX On controls at the "Buttons Section" to adjust the mix on all four Sample Slots while assign effects to samples)

"MACRO" = Slot FX On

"LEVEL" = Slot Mute On

"AUX" = Slot Filter On

"CONTROL" = Loop Recorder

Global Controls:

This 11 dedicated buttons are not part of any mapping sections/pages. Therefor those functions will always be on the top but the rest of the mapping is fully versatile allowing you to really dig into all mappings which are hidden under the hood and set your Maschine controller layout to how ever you need. 

"PERFORM" = Echo Freeze Release Effect

"NOTES" = Turntable Effect (Break) Release Effect

"LOCK" = Lock the Effects State On and Off (FX Units and MIxer FX)

"TUNE" = FX Unit 2 / Button 2 / The Freeze button

"SWING" = FX Unit 2 / Button 3 / The Rate button

"SELECT" = Shift button that doubles up the functionality of the Section 2 and the Section 3. You can also use Shift to capture Loops from the Loop Recorder and copy them in the the Remix Deck C ("STEP")

"AUTO" = This button will allow you to reset all modifiers in the mapping so that if something goes wrong this will be your fail/safe button. 

Please visit my Forum Thread for full documentation.


First and for most be sure to update your Controller editor software to latest version. If you use old software you might not see the LED feedback in the button matrix. 
Download and un-zip the file. Inside you should see one folder with mapping content. I strongly recommend to back up all your current mappings and effect settings in the Controller Manager before importing this one because those will be overwritten in the step 2! And be aware that there is no undo. 

1) Open the Controller Editor software and select the Maschine Jam hardware from the controller menu. Click on Templates > Edit > Open and then navigate to the folder where the .ncmj template file is saved. Note: if the Maschine Software is opened be sure to switch Jam in to the MIDI Mode by holding down "SHIFT" and pressing little button with a "Headphone" icon (also labeled MIDI).

2). Run Traktor and click the gear symbol to open the preferences window. Click the BIG IMPORT button which is located at the bottom of the preferences window and then navigate to the folder where the .tsi file is saved. Once you select the .tsi and click on OK the next window will pop-up asking you which settings do you wish to import - ONLY the "controller mappings" and the "effect settings' categories should be selected - then click on OK. Please note that you need to repeat this step one more time to successfully import the FX settings. (this only matters if you're installing this mapping for the first time)

 Go into the Controller Manager' upper-right corner and make sure that the In-Port and Out-Port for the mapping are properly set to your Maschine Jam hardware. Do this for each part of the mapping under Device Setup > Device (each of seven mapping devices named "vstimidi JAM" needs to be ported to your Maschine Jam hardware)
If you want to add more mappings next to this one be sure to use smaller Import button which is located under Device Setup: Add > Import TSI > Import Other.

Click on http://traktormappingservice.com/ if you need help with custom mappings for Traktor.

Click on PayPal.Me/vstimidi if you like to help support my efforts and time spent on making this map.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy this mapping :D
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.2.0
punkgecko about 1 month ago
Does Controller Editor have remain open while using this mapping? As soon as I close it my jam goes back to the sleep page.
Stewe about 1 month ago

It doesn't. Try to delete "Sleep" template in the Controller Editor. Or reinstall CE.

KraftCode about 1 month ago

@PUNKGECKO: This is because you don't use Controller Editor with Admin rights on Windows. You need this, otherwise Controller Editor does not remember which templates you selected. Just right on CE and choose "open with admin".

KraftCode about 1 month ago
I'm having a problem with the 8x8 grid not showing anything and Jam not showing up in Traktor. The Touch sliders all show everything correctly in controller editor and i can load the template in controller editor but nothing seems to work as it did in the past. I'm on Windows 10 Build 1809 with all the latest software.
Stewe about 1 month ago

Ensure that each Mapping Device is assigned to "Maschine Jam" hardware. You said that you got it to work partially which indicates that some parts of the mapping (Devices) are not assigned to midi controller.

KraftCode about 1 month ago

That's the problem, there is nothing to assign in Traktor anymore. Only in Control editor do I see the Jam as an active device. It's all very confusing tbh. I have been using this template for more than a year now. Once I switched to Windows from Mac the problems began.

Stewe about 1 month ago

This sounds like a driver issue mate. Did you already install/reinstall the windows driver for Jam? If you cannot see Jam as a midi port option than the driver is missing or it is corrupted. Also try to connect Jam to MIDI OX and inspect if it sends out midi signals.

KraftCode about 1 month ago

Hi, sorry for the late reply. I switched back to Mac OS and everything works again now, I found 2 serious bugs in v2.0 that are a bit annoying though. #1 When starting TP3, the effect "Ramp delay" from effect page F (FX preset 2) is on by default which is very confusing. The same happens for the Delay T3 effect from page G (FX preset 3) when starting Traktor. Not sure what is going on here. #2 On page H for the new mixer effects fader 8 is not linked to anything? These are the two things I noticed when testing v2.0 extensively. I use TP3 exclusively with your template so it would be nice if these things could be fixed. Cheers man!

Stewe about 1 month ago

#1). Hold "PERFORM" button for a second and release it. This will shut down all effects at once. Do this every time you start Traktor - will look into fixing this in next version but for now you have a workaround issue with activated effects on the startup. #2). I double checked this and each fader works as expected in every Page and Deck selection. Try to reinstall the Maschine Template in the Controller Editor. Maybe you are using old version of template. Let me know! Cheers,

KraftCode about 1 month ago

Cool, thanks for the FX solution! I triple checked but everything is linked correctly. Only fader 8 for the mixer FX on page H is not working. Fader 1-7 work perfectly fine with the mixer FX sections. I'm sure I am using the latest templates of everything and controller editor so this is a weird little issue. Fader 8 works with everything for page A to G.

KraftCode about 1 month ago

(Edit since I can't add to my previous comment) One other addition to the template that would be really nice as well is in the "SONG" tab, the 4 green buttons to load tracks in deck A,B,C,D, they have no led feedback so it's not clear which decks are empty, paused, playing and almost finished playing. It would be nice to easily see which decks are ready to be loaded quickly etc. Hope this can be added in your next update. Cheers bro.

Stewe about 1 month ago

Alright! I downloaded it today and indeed the template is the problem. I accidentally uploaded older version of the template. Will be working on this for next couple of days so if you have any other ideas or bugs to report just let me know. Noted your suggestion about LOAD buttons. Feel free to contact me directly via the email (vstimidi@gmail.com) if you would like to grab correct template before the new version is done and uploaded. Thanks!

KraftCode about 1 month ago

I was really starting to wonder what was wrong with my system or Maschine controller lol. Awesome that you figured out what was wrong! And thanks for the email adres, I'll contact you through that directly in the future. It looks like I found another little bug that I need to report though (I'm testing your template heavily for upcoming live gigs). On the "PAD MODE" page, when holding shift (button 33) and the rotary encoder (button 48) for track loading, when loading a track it activates the "set loop" function at the same time which is a little annoying. Not sure if this is intended or not? That seems to be everything I can find and or "break" on your template. Cheers again bro haha, take care.