P32 All in one (CueFightStepRemix)

Description and Instructions

This is my try on a all in one mapping for the P32.

Browser mode, loop recorder, filter, seek, move loop, lock fx knobs to volume in remix deck slots.

Page 1 A/B

fx for any deck select, 3 fx favorites, 8 cues, key, crossfader select.

Page 2 A/B 

freeze mode deck A/B or 4 different midi fighters for any deck.

Page 3 C/D

step sequencer deck C/D, remix deck options.

Page 4 C/D

full 4 pages C & D remix decks capture etc, select sound for step sequencer or 8 cues, key, in normal deck mode.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.3.0
ElvisMeiado 2 months ago
Amigo não sei onde fica a Funcão de controle de BPM da Musica, não achei essa opção, nem a opção de ganho... Poderia me ajudar..
Barjio 2 months ago

unfortunately i do not have BPM & GAIN adjustment in it now .. i use masterclock & autogain (pref/mixer/autogain) SNAP & QUANT mode ON.. I will think about it next time I do some updates.

Barjio 2 months ago

tempo is = Shift > Play + E2