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2 Deck#All Filters#No LED Mapping

Description and Instructions

I Made an quick Mapping to use my S4 MK2 with Djay Pro. I Dont know how to Activate the LEDs but i will try to find out how to activate them. 

Sampler Play Button - to set selected Tracks in queue
3 Effects per Deck 
Deck 3 and 4 EQ used for Dry Wet, one for every Effect
I tried to Set one Dry/wet Fader to all Effects but that doesnt work in the right way. 

Reset Button - set back to Original BPM
Flux - Slip Mode
Gain Knobs are offline because i didnt find out how to set their sensivity lower

if you dont need that much Effects i can create another MidiMapping to use it with 4 Decks but only 1 Effect per Deck
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