4 Deck Stems on 2 K2s with Effects Loops and more......

Description and Instructions

Jesmers Custom Mapping for DJ Player Pro.

Recommended in portrait mode for left and right viewing.

3 Layers used. Setting can be set for internal and external mixer settings in DJ Player Pro. Red and Orange Layers for External Mixer and Green layer is used for internal Mixer/Recording. 

Red is the master Layer and marked with white stickers in image. Stickers in Orange or Green in image represent the change in that layer to the button or knob.  eg. "E" Button of K2 in Red layer is Loop 1, but in Orange layer it is number 5 cue point, in green layer  PFL (Pre Fader Listen or CUE head phones).
Mapped for 4 Decks using deck Select buttons. Left K2 controls C and A Decks Right K2 controls B and D decks. Switch using deck C A B or D in deck select section, and what deck appears on screen is the one controlled by controller.  Looping, Stems, 3 Effects Pre deck, Playlist, Beat light, Beat grid, Wave zoom are mapped to each layer. Cue Points mapped in orange Layer.
If recording internal, STEMS are still usable in layers Red and Orange of K2, and Mixer is Mapped to Green as shown in image.

Left Controller is MIDI 15 and Right is MIDI 13
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Comments for v0.1.0
cory about 1 year ago
I'd assume the mappings work for 1 k2 and 1 k1. I have 2 K2s so not sure though but I'd be surprised if it didn't work.