Zomo MC-1000 4-Deck Simple Mapping For Rekordbox DJ

Description and Instructions

Pretty basic stuff.
Just use as a template for your own needs or use as a simple 4 deck map.
The only big change i did is to put the cue button on the sync button, while sync needs shift button to be triggered.

Play/Pause = play/pause btn
Cue = sync btn
Hot cue 1,2,3 = cue btns 1,2,3
Sync = shift+sync btn
Autoloop = loop rotary press
Loop Size = loop rotary rotate
Loop Move = fx select rotary rotate
ActiveLoop = fx select rotary press

In shift mode, the ON buttons become FX Selectors

send me a message if you find anything wrong with it and i will correct it.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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