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Nanokey2 Key Changer mapped to DDJ-SX Serato

Description and Instructions

This mapping allows you to use Nanokey2 keyboard to change the key of a track using a single cue point 8 at Pioneer DDJ-SX using Serato DJ.

-Pitch´n Time license active (you need to purchase the license)
-KORG KONTROL editor software (free software).

How to use the mapping:

A.Editing your settings properly of Nanokey2:
1.Connect Nanokey2 at USB port
2.Open the KORG KONTROL, select Nanokey2.
3. Select Common, change the GLOBAL MIDI CHANNEL to 16
4. Click on Communication>WRITE SCENE DATA.
5. Save

B.Loading the mapping into Serato
1.Copy the xml file into _Serato_/MIDI/XML
2.Open Serato>SETUP>MIDI
3.Click on DDJ-SX-CUE8_PITCHPLAY Nanokey2 > Load.

C.Using the Nanokey2
1.Set a cue point 8 only in DECK 1 of DDJ-SX (Unfortunately i could only make it work on DECK 1 exclusively).
2.Use the keyboard on Nanokey2 to have fun.

Hope it works for you so you dont need to spend hours like me editing xml files.

A huge improvement would be a possibility to work with multiple decks. Would be great if someone from community could help.

I bought the Nanokey2 inspired by this video of this incredible DJ 69beats. Take a look at this video explaining it all (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5k1qwtw3miU)

I did this mapping by modifying the xml file provided by RADIKARL (http://www.radikarl.de/freecontent). Huge thanks for providing it for free.
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