AMX/VDJ8 - Internal Mixer (3decks/fx/loops/prelisten/vst control)

Description and Instructions

Akai AMX mapping for Virtual DJ8
2+1 decks, all-in-one, internal mixer.


  • 2+1 Deck (switch deck 1 control to deck 3)
  • FX I. on/off (8+1 sliders) & FX II on/off (2slider) & FXIII (1 filterslider) / FX slider reset
  • Vst effect control
  • Pitch/Finepitch/PitchBend/PitchRange/Nudge/BeatJump/Seek
  • Loop4/Loop8/Loophalf/Loopdouble/Loopsize/Loopjump
  • Load/Cue/Sync/Play/JumptoStart
  • Hot Cue 1-3/Delete Hot Cue 1-3/Remix Cue 1-2
  • Wavezoom/Waveseek
  • Led feedbacks: DeckLevel/TrackEnding/LimiterIsOn/LoopOn/DvsOn/AuxOn/FxOn
  • Browse songs/Browse folders/Subfolder entry
  • Deckreset (Eq,Pitch,Level100)
  • DVS/AUX switch
  • Deck 3 "reach anytime" level/gain/eqlow
  • Gain
  • Censor
  • Panelchange
  • Prelisten on/off, prelisten seek, prelisten browse - for prompt listening each browsed track. (route prelisten back to your headphone output using VBcable and Voicemeeter softwares. Ask if you need help)
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