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Maschine Jam Big Mapping

Description and Instructions

This mapping turns the Maschine Jam into a very cool extension for your main controller. I use it with a Traktor Kontrol S5 to give me access to the sequencer functionality, quick effects and the extensibility that the Kontrol lacks!

The Jam has lots of buttons, arranged in pages, this mapping makes use of these pages to give control over:
Page 1) Instant Gratification type effects
Page 2) Sequencer for deck C
Page 3) Sample selector for C
Page 4) Sequencer for deck D
Page 5) Sample selector for deck D
Page 6) Preset sequencer pattern

The video gives an intro into how it works. Using Traktor's internal controller editor requires zen like tolerance, the excellent cmdr (https://cmdr.codeplex.com/) helped keep my sanity intact, so thank you to the dev team).

One warning if you want to extend or alter this, Traktor does not handle a configuration of this size very well, adding and altering controls is glacial. I recommend using cmdr to extract the section you want to play with, edit that then merge it all together for final tweaking and testing.

Sort on the "Comments" field to make sense of it, feel free to alter, but please share any feedback.

The ZIP file contains the Traktor mapping file and the NI Controller Editor settings file for the Maschine

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.5.3
Arnold Bronstorph about 1 year ago
This mapping is awesome, I use it alongside a Traktor S8with 2 D2s and 2 turntables for tactile control. Expanding the controls with this mapping makes selections user friendly and intuitive. The layout is well thought and easy to use. Cheers !!😀😀😀
Tony MARIN over 1 year ago
Thanks a lot Giant Space Robot <3