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KlikSynK CNTRL:R DJ Mapping (free Version)

Description and Instructions




This DJ template is packed with the necessary controls and effects, that you need for a simple DJ set with only your Livid CNTRL:R and Ableton Live.

Installation Instructions

Although this template could work with any midi controller, you need to take the following steps to make the CNTRLR DJ Template work with your Livid CNTRL:R.

Open Ableton Live and go to file=>install pack as shown in the image below

Navigate to the ‘KlikSynK DJ Template (Free Version) .alp’ file from the zip file that you downloaded and select it.

Select the folder where you want to install the DJ template.

Open the .alp file

The template file will be installed

Remote Script Files

Now got to the folder ‘MIDI Remote Script Files’ and the folder ‘KlikSynK_CNTRLR_DJ’ to your Ableton Midi Remote Scripts folder.

For Mac:

Go to Applications >Ableton Live 9 and right/ctrl clicking the Ableton Application Icon > Show Package Contents, then copy the folder ‘KlikSynK_CNTRLR_DJ’ in Contents/App-­‐Resources/MIDI Remote Scripts

For Windows

The location will be C:\Program Files\Ableton\Live\Resources\MIDI Remote Scripts and paste the folder ‘KlikSynK_CNTRLR_DJ’ in this location with Ctrl + V.


This script is fully compatible with your installed CNTRLR scripts for Live 9.1.5 and higher. In any case you will find that the CNTRLR_DJ script has all the same functions as the Livid_CNTRLR script, except for a few minor changes.

Now everything is installed let’s get ready to rock  

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